Some Lakes to visit in Delhi ?

Are there any lakes in Delhi where one can spend time with friends ? Some nice & clean place ?

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    In Delhi, lakes are to be found primarily in South Delhi. This is because South Delhi lies directly on the Aravalli Range which was blasted for the purpose of development. Among Delhi's satellite cities, Gurgaon and Faridabad also lie on the Aravalli Range and therefore lakes can be found in this zone as well! Lakes in Delhi and NCR are very small and rarely natural. Most of them are man-made that were excavated for the purpose of storing water for human consumption.

    Few lakes are mentioned below:

    -> Hauz Khas Lake: Located in Hauz Khas area of South Delhi, it was excavated by Alaud-din Khilji and was surrounded by the monuments like tombs and Hauz Khas Fort later on by Firoz Shah Tughlaq.

    -> Sanjay Lake: It is located in South East Delhi area. It was excavated post independence.

    -> Purana Qila Lake: It is located in South Central Delhi area. It was excavated during the turbulent times of Humayun era when Sher Shah had took over his seat temporarily. It is a very popular boating spot.

    -> Bhalswa Lake: It is a natural lake in North West Delhi not worth visiting now, thanks to excessive damage due to human activities.

    -> Naini Lake: It is located in Model Town in North Delhi famous for boating facilities.

    EDIT: -> Sanjay Lake (Lakshmibai Nagar): There is one Sanjay Lake in Lakshmibai Nagar area of South Delhi too. It is located close to Safdarjung Airport.

    In the NCR, though there are several famous lakes in the Faridabad-Gurgaon belt of the Aravallis. Some are:

    -> Surajkund Lake: It is the most popular lake of Delhi & NCR and is located in the Aravallis. Situated in Faridabad, it was dug by Tomar dynasty of Delhi.

    -> Badkhal Lake: It is a natural lake located in Faridabad. Unfortunately, it is mostly dried up due to excessive stone mining in the Faridabad Aravallis.

    -> Damdama Lake: It is another natural lake. Located in the Gurgaon Aravallis, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes of the Aravallis.

    There are several other small water bodies in and around Delhi, which like the ones mentioned above have been swept away in the wave of modernization of this historic Capital region. Unfortunately, this is all that I'm aware of about my own city and its neighborhood! :-/

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      Lakes around Delhi -

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    Here are the names of the lakes; spending an evening in one of these surroundings and enjoying picnic along with boating is a truly worthwhile experience:-

    Surajkund Lake

    Sohna Lake

    Bhalswa Lake

    Damdama Lake

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    Lakes In Delhi

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    Top lakes for tourist

    1. Surajkund Lake

    Around 20 km from the center of Delhi, Surajkund Lake is a major tourist spot. Indian nationals and foreigners alike visit this lake while exploring lakes around Delhi.

    2. Damdama Lake

    Nearly 60 km from the interior of Delhi, Damdama Lake is a place that offers pure natural bliss.

    3. Sohna Lake

    Around 20 km from the core of Delhi,

    4. Bhalswa Lake

    Apart from Bhalswa Lake people also visit serene Badkal Lake nearly 30 km from the centre of Delhi.

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    Delhi have best tour place for all tourist, here tourist can enjoy also lake tour. In Delhi best Lakes is:

    1) Surajkund Lake (Surajkund Lake is a major tourist spot, 20 km from the center of Delhi.)

    2) Damdama Lake ( Damdama Lake have best natural beauty, 60 km from the interior of Delhi.)

    3) Bhalswa Lake (It offers the facilities like boating, canoeing, etc. 20 km from the core of Delhi)

    4) Sohna Lake (20 km from the core of Delhi)

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    Delhi is a capital city of India and its famous for number of historical monuments, beside monuments Delhi is also known for some beautiful lakes.

    1- SurajKund Lake- SurajKund lake is 20 km far from the central delhi and is one of the best tourist spot, It is human made reservoir of around 11th century.

    2- Damdama lake- Damdama Lake is nearly 60 km from Delhi and it can proof as a delightful outing.

    3- Sohna lake- It is around 20 km away from Delhi, it is famous for its natural beauty.

    4- Bhalswa lake- It lies at the north eastern perimeter and offers facilities of boating, canoeing, angling etc.

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    Suraj kund lake & Badkhal lakes are near delhi just with in 20 km, nice clean place .

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    Bhalswa lake

    Sohna lake

    Sanjay lake

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