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Guild Wars vs Guild Wars 2?

Should I get Guild Wars or just wait for Guild Wars 2?

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    Guild Wars 2. It's not too long to wait, is fantastic fun to play and has more of a pure MMO feel than Guild Wars, which used instanced areas belonging only to your party outside of the towns. Quite a few people have gone back to Guild Wars to get Hall of Monuments points which give you cosmetic items and rare pets to use in Guild Wars 2, but I suspect that once GW2 is out you'll see community numbers drop a fair amount.

    If you feel like picking up Guild Wars anyway for the next few weeks, bear in mind that you need the Eye of the North expansion if you want to earn Hall of Monument points.

    Source(s): Played Guild Wars for a few years. Played GW2 in all previous Beta Weekend events and stress tests.
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  • Dawn
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    8 years ago

    Both are solid games and it is up to you. If you want to wait for Guild Wars 2, that is perfectly fine and it is stand alone. If you like learning about the lore and are interested in seeing how it changed, then by all means get Guild Wars. I believe GameStop has the complete collection of all three campaigns and the Eye of the North expansion for about $30.

    If you do decide to get the original, the time you spend there will not be in vain. There are achievements you earn in the original that translate over into nice extras in GW2, provided you have at least one campaign and the Eye of the North expansion. ArenaNet has stated emphatically they will continue to support the original game as long as there are people playing it. However you decide, you really can't go wrong.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    get guild wars 1, play it for 5 years, then get guild wars 2 and play it infinitely, knowing the story makes it more enjoyable

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  • 8 years ago

    abandon your intention to get Guild Wars because you are gonna wait for a chunk of gold name"Guild Wards 2"...........

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  • D
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    8 years ago

    You noob! *facepalm* Would you like the new improved graphic or the outdated one!? You choose dude........ The new improved graphic is obviously Gw2......

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