in the movie the 3 burials of Melquiades, why was the woman in the picture confused?

in the start of the movie Melquiades shows his friend a picture of him with a woman & three kids, telling his friend that is his wife & kids.

when he dies & his friend brings him to his hometown for burial, he finds the wife to tell her Melquiades has passed away but she is confused & says she doesn't know him & tells him why does he have a picture of her & her kids & to go away before he gets her in trouble with her husband.

Why did Melquiades have a picture of him standing with this woman and her 3 kids saying that was his wife & kids and she denied knowing him??? i'm confused.

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  • 7 years ago
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    That point confused me, too. I can also surmise that Melquiades Estrada and the woman had had an affair, unbeknownst to the husband. Also, Melquiades must have been prone to fantasizing about the small town that he was from and the people in it.

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