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Will Jiu Jitsu ever become an olympic sport?

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    To be honest I'd be happy if they got rid of most combat sports and just had some hybrid sports that could cater to a multitude of martial artists and combat athletes

    Olympic Kickboxing:most if not all Striking based combat sports , including Boxing,Kickboxing,Muay Thai,Karate ,TKD,San Shou, with a rule set similar to K1 kickboxing and slightly more protective gear

    Olympic Submission Wrestling :grappling sports including BJJ,Freestyle/Greco-Roman/Catch Wrestling,Judo,Sambo,Shaiu Jaoi, with a rule set similar to ADCC Submission Wrestling and maybe have Gi and No-Gi divisions

    Olympic Modern Pankration :All of the above and an Olympic event for aspiring MMA fighters , I mean Modern Pankration as seen on Human Weapon where the stand up rules are similar to Kyokushin Karate and the grappling is pretty much the Submission Wrestling

    These could all become events and yes I've pointed out they are already seperate events but think of winning an Olympic Medal in one of them?? and the rule sets are fair enough that a practitioner of any of the disciplines involved has a shot at it I mean it's a common ground it's fair and it's also a challenge for Olympic Combat Athletes to add to their base skills , I like the current combat sports involved but I think everyone deserves a shot especially fighters because let's face it the ancient Olympic athletes were all also serving their respective city states military and most of the Olympic events back then related to warfare skills ,ironic tha warfare ceased during the games

    I really don't care about IOC policies and regulations I'm just throwing out some ideas that will never be realized because people are to ******* stupid to know a great idea when they see one.

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    Judo took parts of some Jiu/Ju Jitsu styles and become its own martial art. Then BJJ developed the ground concept from Judo and developed itself. BJJ is Jiu Jitsu because: 1. Judo stopped being martial oriented and became sportive oriented. It cut many things to be safer and to make competitions faster paced. BJJ did not followed and therefore, no reason to call it Brazilian Judo as BJJ is by itself bigger than Judo in terms of ground techniques 2. BJJ received lots of influences of Sambo, Japanese Jujitsu (of styles other than the ones that were used as base for Judo) and, most importantly, of trial and error and tones of fights with different martial arts styles. 3. BJJ creators never learned "pure" Judo. Maeda's way of fighting was heavily influenced by his fights with other styles all over the world. This made the first Gracies to learn a modified Judo for more efficiency in real combat.

  • I don't know if it ever will. Judo is the sport version of Jujutsu, just as muay thai is the sport version of muay boran. Jujutsu was a martial art used by samurai to kill other samurai on the battlefield. I think that you should be happy with judo because old school jujutsu allowed eye gouging and biting.

    Source(s): wikipedia
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    you mean brazilian or japanese

    to begin with it needs to be a sport in 75 countries cross 4 continents. which bjj is not. there needs to be a single international organization that represents the sport for all of those countries that is recognized by the ioc and again there is not.

    it took tkd 20 yrs to get into the olympics and look at how the olmpis destroyed tkd

    Source(s): 30yrs ma
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    No-it just doesn't meet the criterion of being practiced by men in 75 different countries, and by women in at least 40. Besides, why not just get behind judo? The IOC is not interested in parsing between judo and jujutsu.

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    Doubtful. And that is actually a good thing.

    Sportifying a "jitsu" just doesn't make any sense. What would you call it - jiu-jitsu-do? A self-defense sport?!?

  • Anonymous
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    Why would it? Judo is already a olympic sport.

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    @kratos- wow man you read my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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