Why did someone send me this link?

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Someone sent me this link: www. funreelvids. in It was in a comment on something random and it was a person I barely know. It said, "Llookk att thiss girl dude it's alllll ...show more
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  • ayaa answered 2 years ago
Someone wrote me the same exact thing an hour ago, and she used my name in it and everything, I barely know her too! I put the link in and it just took me to the Facebook log in and then on to YouTube....

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Yes! That's what happened to me!
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  • abraXus answered 2 years ago
    not actually a virus, but similar to a virus - never click on things like that... they are never what they claim to be
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  • Cody answered 2 years ago
    That's a scam- well actually it's a prank.
    As long as there was absolutely nothing there and your browser did not give you any messages, then there is nothing to worry about.
    Also, maybe it was blocked by popup blocker.
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