In your opinion are men who sleep with transsexuals male to female gay?

I was recently watching this YouTube video where this transsexual male to female girl was talking about how "straight" men seem very interested on her sometimes. She also stated that those men have no sexual desire to be with a man, and only date women. So what is your opinion on this?

Technically they are "women" born in a male body.


Yes that is why I added the quotation marks on women. What about those transsexuals that literally go all the way and have surgery down there?

Update 2:

I don't think its mental illness either.

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    7 years ago
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    No. I wouldn't think they're gay, since they're attracted to them physically and that they aren't attracted to the man part of them, but the female part of them.

    I think that whatever you're born with...that's what you are.

    If you have testis and the like, you're a male. Even if you do get them chopped off.

    If you have a uterus and the like, you're a female. Even if you do undergo surgery to change that.

    You might "feel" like a woman or a man (depending on the amount of estrogen or testosterone produced)...but you're still whatever you were born with. No amount of surgery can change that.

    If you're sexually attracted to males...that would make you gay. (:

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    4 years ago

    It's the gender taboo. Most people believe that gender is NOT fluid and most people think there are only two possible and unchangeable genders: Male and Female. Having a gender presentation that doesn't fix their myopic "norm" makes them extremely uncomfortable. The idea that the heart of who they are, at the chemical level can be altered so dramatically, that this "badass tough guy" persona really is only skin deep and that if some "tranny" can transform herself into a more congruent gender, (i.e. female), that means that a pretty pink dress is only a few little pills away. When some challenged individuals first see through the looking-glass, it's just too much for them. Poor macho souls.

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    Some t-girls are indistinguishable from women that were physically born as females.

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    "Technically they are "women" born in a male body."

    Technically they are men, born in male bodies, who suffer from a mental illness, that makes them think they are women so they transform themselves into one

    Dont sugar coat it, A man is still a man

    Edit: Only a woman has a uterus, men dont. Chopping off private parts, wont give him a uterus

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    7 years ago

    Their homosexuals. No matter what they do to themselves, they will always be male. They cannot reproduce like a female nor be a female period. They are considered homosexuals.

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    No, because she looks like a woman.

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    7 years ago

    uh.. that's a hard one.. yes, and no. (don't feel like explaining though)

  • Sh*t just got TOO real...

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    They have to be at least bi

  • M.R.T
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    7 years ago

    Maybe they're on the "DL".....?

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