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Who do you think is the best F1 driver?

Schumacher,Senna ,Alain Prost,Villeneuve or the youngest drivers like: Vettel,Alonso,Button,Webber or Hamilton?

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    Best ever is the great Senna. One sure could argue it's Schumacher. Had we not lost Senna you could bet some of Schumacher's wins would have went to Senna. Maybe one or two of Schumacher's championships might also had went to the great Ayrton Senna. Current driver it's hard to argue against Alonso.

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    All time- Ayrton Senna. I also like Villeneuve

    Current- Sebastian Vettel

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    there is no 'the best'. in a race or even a year a combination of driver, car, engine, tyres, team can make the difference. take chris amon for instance, terrific driver, but never won an f1 race, due to mechanical failures and picking the wrong team and the wrong time.

    my personal favourites:





    schumacher (m)

    villeneuve (g)


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    All time- Michael Schumacher

    Current- Fernando Alonso

    Hamilton and Vettel are good but they whine when they don't have a good car.

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    Statistically its M.Schumacher the best F1 driver ever but its David Charles Purley who was real f1 hero and recieved George Medal while trying to rescue the fellow f1 late Roger williamson

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    There are many to choose from my favorites are Alonso,Senna (ayrton),Vettlel,Raikkonen,Hamilton, and senna(bruno)

    But my all time favorite is Ayrton Senna

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