Gmail says I'm signed in all sorts of places?

I was signed into Gmail on my friend's iPod, but she left, so I was trying to sign out from my computer. Gmail tells me I'm signed in places like California and Oregon and even lists the IP addresses. I get a chart that looks like this:

Access Type [ ? ]

(Browser, mobile, POP3, etc.) Location (IP address) [ ? ] Date/Time

(Displayed in your time zone)

Browser * United States (IL) (My IP address) 4:24 pm (0 minutes ago)

Mobile * United States (IL) (My IP address) 4:22 pm (1 minute ago)

IMAP United States (OR) ( 4:17 pm (7 minutes ago)

IMAP United States (OR) ( 3:47 pm (37 minutes ago)

IMAP United States (CA) ( 3:17 pm (1 hour ago)

IMAP 2:55 pm (1 hour ago)

IMAP United States (VA) ( 2:47 pm (1.5 hours ago)

IMAP 2:17 pm (2 hours ago)

IMAP United States (KS) ( 1:46 pm (2.5 hours ago)

IMAP United States (CO) ( 1:16 pm (3 hours ago)

I don't know anyone from any of these states. I only sign in on my desktop. Do people know my password? Can someone explain?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It's likely your account has been hacked. You might have a easy password to guess I recomend changing your password. If this doesn't work then I would contact and get help from gmail services. Hoped this helped!

  • 9 years ago


    Yes, your account has been compromised and you should immediately change your password. You should also verify your account reset information, and then to further protect your account you should enable 2-step verification:

  • 9 years ago

    Someone has compromised ur account(hacked into it)

    unless there is a tech error with the ipod

    Source(s): a 17 yo techie who does computer graphics( blender )
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