What is your take on Wayne's song "President Carter"?


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More specifically the outro :

"Gorillas in suits

The holy war, the spiritual troops

Fighting over the mythical truth

Drowning in the political soup

They shoot missiles and nukes

Taking out such a pivotal group

The body count is the physical proof

And they thought drugs were killing the youth

Thank you, Thank you all"

Please elaborate


No, I dont think he's saying religion is killing people. Its referring to the US Government & War - I.E "Gorillas in suits" "They shoot missiles & nukes - taking out such a pivotal group, the body count is the physical proof, and they thought drugs were killing the youth"

Pivotal: Of vital or critical importance - In reference to the verse - Meaning our Military Forces

Gorillas: In hood terms, often refers to someone with authority or holds grounds

Therefore, saying our men of the military are being killed in war claiming to "help" the US, when in reality the Government (More so top men who hold power in the Government) are brainwashing them and us into believing they are doing good, serving our country, but really they are only serving the greed of those high ranking individuals. Killing the men off like flies.

Now if someone can define the first 4 sentences, I'd appreciate it

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    If he's talking about the Israeli/Palestinian wars, then it's too true. I'm from Canada but my parents decided to take me to Nigeria (west Africa) for 3 years. In the international school, I had a very unconventional teacher who took us beyond what they taught in the textbook. The things the Israelis are doing is bad, the US are supporting them in an unfair war...the Israelis have guns while the Palestinians have stones. And the ways in which they kill is beyond believe. I think about G square and the children and the fact that they're are Palestinians that are Christians that are also getting raped and kicked out of their homes for no reason. They can just blow up their house any time. There is no freedom in the US, it's all conformity. Being ablest to wear different clothes and have different flavors of ice cream isn't freedom of choice. You can not believe what you want because you support this "holy war" and gays cant get married because of religion. I'm a Christian but I don't think God cares anymore. Giving them the freedom to marry wont make you anything, what they want to do with their lives. Christianity is about living by faith and love, when you have that why would you need to harm another. Not just by falling the rules, we're not babies anymore.

    Source(s): Do u mean Lil Wayne? He's really smart, skipped a bunch of grades in school and I'm glad for once he's actually saying something though he's very witty and can e deep...he's finally trying to relate to us as rapper. Some rappers are too high on pink fluff. @Dickinson I agree there just using this ad an excise so the US can find them they really just want LAND NOW.
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    9 years ago

    Not sure what he meant by Gorillas in suits, it's very sensitive label that I don't feel in position to expand on but the whole notion of religion as primary stressor to igniting the wars is entirely wrong from his part. It's just a one-sided thinking from his saying, thinking different religious beliefs as major conflicts behind wars? Maybe I'm reading it wrong but if that's what he implies, really, I don't see it as the major stressor. I studied third world war politics back in university, so from that perspective of what I've learnt is that religion is just a part of the war propaganda, a voice weapon that brings a war group into solidarity strength to tie all solders together, but it's not necessary the main stressor that causes war.

    What I think is the main stressor is the conflict of territorial interests. This main stressor of all, is further ignited by religious beliefs, values and all kinds of other conflictual issues. So for Wayne to just single out the holy/spiritual part, putting it in major emphasis, how its a ignite fire that intensifies the political issue. I know this is seen as a fact on his part, but religion alone isn't the whole cause of "war"

    Here saying they thought "drugs were ..." literally saying governments or any public communities making a bigger deal out of drug violence but hardly taken religion violence as main priority, maybe that's what he's implying, maybe not. Maybe I understand from his background because Wayne grew up in gangst violence. I read a book from anthropology class that speaks out on how an anthropologist goes into a rough neighborhood, live there for 2 weeks to conduct the life of gangster neighborhood, drug violence was the main thing everyone goes through there on daily routine - makes drugs, profits from drugs, fight rivaled gangs for drugs. So drug violence plays a huge part in gangs' lives. So probably that explains Wayne's dissatisfaction about the whole notion of "conflicts", how mindless violence results from religious beliefs and how it's somewhat comparable to drugs, or he thinks drugs is same thing as what religion is doing to people.

    Source(s): Hope I don't offend anything about religion.
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    Damnnn he trying to say religion is killin alot of people I dont agree wit his views but yup

  • 9 years ago

    One of my fav lil Wayne songs.

    He sounds to preAchy at the end of the song tho .

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