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Intelectual russian forums for my father?

I need to make my father happier by stoping him watching TV and introducing to better stuff.

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    Who could argue against the concept that corrupt officials should be punished? Didn't we hear from the Russian leadership, including President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, that corruption is Russia's worst enemy? Why such an outcry, then, in Moscow as well as in the U.S. business community regarding the Sergei Magnitsky Act? It is currently moving through the Capitol Hill bureaucracy and, according to its sponsors, is supposed to help Russia fight its monstrous corruption.

    This bill, which is turning into a major irritant in U.S.-Russian relations, threatening to deal a fatal blow to Obama's "reset" policy, references the death in Russia in 2009 of Sergei Magnitsky, who died while in pre-trial detention on a tax fraud charge after being refused medical treatment for his illnesses. The bill calls for U.S. visa denial and assets freeze for all Russian officials involved in mistreating Magnitsky or in some other "gross human rights violations."

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    I agree what you mentioned that Yehovah the Father is God and that He by myself is Savior: "Since God's private title is Jehovah, and it's the title of the Father by myself, it manner the Son and Holy Spirit don't seem to be God additionally." Isa forty three:eleven I, I am YEHOVAH, and except me there's no savior. - Now significantly don't forget what Yehovah stated: Ezekiel 20:20 And sanctify my possess sabbaths, and so they have got to function a signal among me and ?YOU, [for ?YOU] to grasp that I am Jehovah ?YOUR? God.’ - NWT - From what I realize the JW's don't keep in mind the Sabbaths of our Creator, so who're they honestly worshiping as their God, Yehovah with His Sabbaths or "the Son and the Holy Spirit" of the Roman church assembly upon the day of the Sun to comply with Ba'al? 1Kings 18:21 Then E?li?jah approached all of the individuals and stated: “How lengthy will ?YOU? be limping upon 2 extraordinary critiques? If Jehovah is the [real] God, move following him; but when Ba?al is, move following him.” And the individuals didn't say a phrase in reply to him. - NWT

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    That is odd don't ya think?

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