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Im a Senior this year in high school.. So my senior trip is coming up very soon(i will be going the beginning of June.Im thinking June 3-7 if possible. its about a week after I graduate) I would REALLY love to go to Germany on my senior trip. I know its expensive :/And I'm going to have to start looking for travel bundles soon. It will be me and my boyfriend going probably(thats all who is going at the moment!). So my questions are..(just answer any ones you dont have to answer all:))

1. Best place to go out of these?(I am deciding between Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg, and Frankfurt) and why would you pick the place you did..

2.Recommended hotels/hostels,etc..

3. Places to go see(like historical,etc) in the places mentoined above(im 18 and hes 24)

4.Foods to try while there?(ive had basic German dishes like spaetzle, wiener schnitzel,etc.. but nothing really German. I want to try alot of German dishes while there)

5.I took German two years ago, so I know pretty good German, but my boyfriend knows none at all. Will he have a hard time talking to others?(My German teacher said they speak English pretty well there?just curious if thats true?)

6.ANY tips at all are appreciated. Anything you can tell me will help! Thanks alot :)

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    1) Frankfort was amazing, there is so much to do there ranging from clubs, dining, museums, and so on. It is a beautiful city and absolutely stunning at night. I heard a lot about Berlin that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. But I'm sorry I cannot give any input on the other places but I highly recommend Frankfort.

    3) In Frankfort there is this museum called the blind museum. It is very interesting and shows you what it would be like to be blind. I would also go to the Rhine river. While visiting this you can go on boat rides that will bring you to different castles which is amazing. Also during these boat tours you will see the country side and they will bring you to different little towns that are very touristy. There are also a lot of churches that are pretty to visit. Or if you just want to tour frankfort that is worth while as well.

    4) I had a lot of dishes but I apologize i'm not exactly sure what they were called. I did have schnitzel and there are many different types so try those. Also if you go to the right place that makes it you need to try , it is indescribable.

    5) It was a little difficult talking to people especially the older they get. I could have conversations with my host mom/dad I would just have to assume what they meant and I was usually right. But when it comes to the younger crowd they are pretty good at it. Just remember to talk a lot slower. If you are out and about don't hesitate to ask though because everyone is seriously so nice.

    6) As a girl I highly highly recommend being with someone at night. During the day it is not that big of a deal but if you're out at night make sure you have someone with you. If you go to Frankfort you need to go to Altsachs, preferably on a friday or saturday night. Make sure you have your id since you're 18 you can do anything you want there, it's awesome. Don't worry about what to wear it really doesn't matter. As long as there is no sweat pants or tie dye if you go somewhere. In that case you will get made fun of. It is a bit expensive my plane ticket (along with insurance and luggage costs) was around 1600. But trust me it was all worth it especially if you can spend it with your boyfriend. I did the same thing basically, I just graduated from high school and went to Frankfort with my boyfriend who lives there.

    Source(s): just got back from spending 18 days there, if you need anything else (cause I probably forgot something) just email me :)
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    All those cities are very nice :). Frankfurt is a big, modern and international city. Heidelberg is a pretty but rather smallish town. Munich is the place for you if you like traditional German things like beer gardens, whereas Berlin represents the cool, trendy, "artsy" Germany. If you're visiting Germany as a tourist and for only one week, I would recommend either Munich or Berlin, but that's just my personal opinion.

    About the language - since the 1960s, English has been a mandatory subject in German schools and everybody has to study it for at least six years. However, how well people actually speak it depends on whether they were good students and on whether they need it in daily life. You forget a language very quickly if you don't practice it regularly. And there are elderly people who don't know any English at all. But there is a lot of tourism in the places you mentioned, so I'm sure your boyfriend won't have any major problems.

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