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frogs with fish in same tank?

i really want to have a tank with frogs and fish living together happily. i have a 30 gallon tank so its fairly large. i was thinking maybe green tree frogs or something. I've done a lot of research and everything says african dwarf frogs and african clawed frogs but i don't want those i want a nice bright frogs that can live with tropical fish. i have experience with reptiles and frogs i have a beardie, leopard gecko, 6 fire belly toads, and a couple bettas so i will take good care of the needs it will have. thanks


i do not keep my bettas in the same tank to clear that up and i have made half the tank land and half water with a waterfall and pump for the frogs that are more land.

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    If you want tree frogs, you'll need to keep them alone. They're not aquatic.

    The only aquatic frog that belongs with fish is the ADF, and they're still a pain in the butt to keep in mixed setups as they won't compete for food, and so need to be target fed to make sure that the piggy fish don't eat it up before the frogs even notice it's there.

    ACFs eat fish that can fit in their mouths, and the fins of fish too large to do so.

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    there are a type of frog that can live underwater called an african dwarf frog, and they are very good with communirty fish. i dont think a tree frog would do very good, becuase they are made for humid conditions, not exactly completely submereged conditions. hope i helped! and btw never put bettas together, even if they do seem to get along. they can get teritorial vvvvveeeeerrrrryyyy easily, they will kill eachother. I wouldnt even taking that risk.

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    No. African clawed frogs will literally eat anything that fits in their mouths. They will grow to be the size of your fist. African dwarf frogs are better for a community tank. They stay small, so there's less of a chance of them eating on of your other tankmates (except for ghost shrimp - thought I still think my betta's responsible for that one). EDIT: For other people's knowledge, the only aquatic frog that comes in an albino variety is the African clawed frog.

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    the only right frogs is poison tree frogs. which live out of water. there are no bright frogs that live in water only in trees

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