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Where can I buy this Chanel handbag knockoff?

I am in LOVE with this Chanel handbag, but its like $3,000.. Is there anywhere I can buy a knockoff version that looks VERY similar to this, for less than $50?? PLEASE HELP!!! (MUST be black)

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    I have the best place for you, this site have the cheap designer handbags. Chanel handbag is on discount on this site now, don't miss the chance, they also have many other brands like LV, Gucci,Alexander Wong and so on, you can choose others too. here is :

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    I actually have run across this outlet online and then decided to buy one there. Not extremely awesome with their shipping speed but did save about 72% and happy to have this. The quality is actually superior and also right until today never spot any issues.

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    5 years ago

    I know a place and you will like it. almost all the bags are 50 dollars. Anyway, you can have look. I have bought 3 bags there, i think they reasonably good

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