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Should I apply for tap if I already applied for financial aid will tap affect me in any way?

I need help I finished high school tomorrow is the last day to pay and I don't know what to do.they said i dont neef a loan when I do

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    Clarification: By TAP you mean New York State's Tuition Assistance Program. If so . . .

    TAP is available for students attending SUNY, CUNY and not-for-profit independent degree-granting colleges/universities in New York state.

    I don't find any TAP application deadlines. There may be one and you may have missed it for the 2012-13 school year. However, start here:


    I'm not sure who you mean when you say "they" in "they said i dont neef a loan. . ." If you need more clarification, talk with an adviser at your college/univ. Financial Aid Office.

    I realize talking with a real person, whereby you can have a conversation, may seem like a novel idea, but it DOES work very well. :-)

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