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140 more Doping Scandals?

US coach John Leonard is bias in doubting the talent of record-breaking swimmer Ye Shiwen. Leonard called the Chinese 16-year-old's gold medal-winning performance in the 400m individual event 'disturbing' and raised a debate on doping in the sport.


140 more Doping Scandals immediately surfaced from the internet.



 Lyle Alzado

 Chris Andersen

 Frankie Andreu


 Josh Barnett

 Phil Baroni

 Bryan Berard

 Andre Berto

 Alex Bogomolov, Jr.

 Barry Bonds

 Stephan Bonnar

 Scott Boothby

 David Boston

 Shannon Briggs

 Josh Burkman


 Mike Cameron

 Jose Canseco

 LaMark Carter

 Donald Cerrone

 Damu Cherry

 Ramon Clay

 Mike Cloud

 Kit Cope

 Brian Cushing


 Bonnie Dasse

 Mary Decker

 Tony Dees

 Edwin Dewees

 Nick Diaz

 Jim Doehring

 Debbie Dunn


 Ray Edwards

 Tom Evans (baseball)


 Aaron Fike

 Greg Foster (hurdler)

 Ryan Fowler

 Ryan Franklin


 Chryste Gaines

 Jay Gibbons

 Jason Grimsley

 Kevin Grubb

 Melvin Guillard


 Dennis Hallman

 Tyler Hamilton

 Jessica Hardy

 Rodney Harrison

 Clay Hensley

 Dave Herman (fighter)

 Shane Hmiel

 Evander Holyfield


 James Irvin (fighter)


 Tanard Jackson

 Mike Jacobs (first baseman)

 Regina Jacobs

 Michael Jameson

 Mark Jelks

 Marion Jones

 Roy Jones, Jr.

 Pavle Jovanovic


 Robert Kendrick

 Shawn King (American football)


 Christian Laettner

 Floyd Landis

 Muhammed Lawal

 Matt Lawton

 Chris Leben

 Matt Lehr

 Kimo Leopoldo

 Carl Lewis

 Rashard Lewis

 Zach Lund


 Robert Machado

 Brian Mallette

 Tony Mandarich

 Nate Marquardt

 Jeremy Mayfield

 O. J. Mayo

 Jameel McCline

 Darnell McDonald

 John McEwen (athlete)

 Mark McGwire

 Shawne Merriman

 LaShawn Merritt

 Sergio Mitre

 Jeff Monson

 Tim Montgomery

 Sammy Morris

 Tommy Morrison

 Michael Morse (baseball)

 Johnnie Morton

 Shane Mosley

 Melissa Myerscough


 Courtney Nagle

 Jon Nunnally


 Henry Owens


 Christian Parker

 Julius Peppers

 Lamont Peterson

 Antonio Pettigrew

 Andy Pettitte

 Chris Phillips (athlete)

 Jorge Piedra

 Ben Plucknett


 Kevin Randleman

 David Reed (American football)

 Jason Reinhardt

 Butch Reynolds

 Micheal Ray Richardson

 Barret Robbins

 Grant Roberts

 Mike Rodgers

 Alex Rodriguez

 Shaun Rogers (American football)

 Bill Romanowski

 J. C. Romero

 Duane Ross

 Timothy Rusan

 Darrell Russell (American football)


 Bob Sapp

 Jordan Schafer

 Ken Shamrock

 Sean Sherk

 Ricky Shivers

 Chael Sonnen

 Brandon Spikes

 Jamal Strong

 Dana Stubblefield

 Tim Sylvia


 Gregg Tafralis

 Roy Tarpley

 Antonio Tarver

 Lawrence Taylor

 James Toney

 Mike Tyson


 Fernando Vargas


 Erick Walder

 Pernell Whitaker

 Bernard Williams (athlete)

 Diane Williams (athlete)

 Ivory Williams

 Ricky Williams

OMG Which country on planet earth do they represent?



Including Carl Lewis????

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    This is only the start.

  • 9 years ago

    So you actually just specifically searched American doping in sports? Even though 95% of them don't even compete internationally? Even though we have around 25 sports leagues or so, and probably the most athletes in the world?

    PS- Those are in AMERICAN sports, not specifically American athletes. Last time I checked, Alex Rodriguez was from the Dominican Republic

    And if you actually went in depth, and noticed these are scandals, not necessarily proven PEDs, that list would shorten by a lot. Like Jessica Hardy, she tested positive for a supplement that helps with breathing disorders. That's not doping, that's a health problem getting medicated

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Try to find a country that has NOT had a doping athlete.

    This is just petty bullshit.

    EDIT I agree that coach is totally out of line but is this kind of rubbish really necessary? This category was peaceful and just enjoying the Olympics until this sort of crap started springing up a few days ago.

    It's boring and unnecessary. Go complain about it in News or Current Events.

    Source(s): Aussie
  • Chaos
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    9 years ago

    I bet you dream about the day when Michael Phelps becomes apart of the list

    News for you - It'll never happen.

    You're also delusional for indicating U.S is the only country to dope

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  • 9 years ago

    what brilliant research. well done. you should replace the twits at NBC and report instead of them.

    Source(s): just me with high blood pressure from listening to NBC.
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