Do all tv stations who secured the rights to broadcast the Olympics pay the same amount of fee to IOC?

I was wondering about this because their style of coverage is different from one another. I found that so far ESPN and EO channels provide almost the perfect coverage of all sports in the Olympics. Whereas local TV channels, although they got the rights, they only show what they want to show - just briefly and then back to the studio and move to other sports (and frustratingly no medal ceremonies). Would this mean that ESPN paid more expensive fees while local channels paid lower?

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    8 years ago
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    They pay what they negotiate.

    A country like the US is going to pay more for the broadcasting events because they have a large population and several tens of millions of people tuning in and watching the action as well as the commercials makes it very attractive for the broadcasters and pay for the whole shebang. Consequently as they make more money they are in a better position to make a higher bid. A smaller nation like Australia or South Africa isn't going to attract the same numbers of viewers therefore they will spend less on a bid and so on and the IOC will know this.

    You will find in the US that the big channels will sell on rights to local affiliate stations - at a cost. So a station covering say Idaho won't be able to afford to show more than a few minutes here and there so will probably only broadcast the events where a local person is competing. The amount they are allowed to broadcast will be limited to the second, hence you'll see highlights, the flag raising and medal being awarded and nothing else. They could show more - but it will cost them more and they will appreciate that they are duplicating what other nationaly broadcast channels are broadcasting and therefore competing with deeper pockets.

    ESPN work on the basis that they have a captive audience - they want you to tune in and stay tuned in.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't think depends on the time of broadcasting as well. For example, Oz is not going to pay the same price as European countries just to watch replays because most of us were still in bed when the events are on live.

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