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Cut my toe with a nail.?

Scraped my toe with a nail.?

it was dark outside and i was in my backyard with only socks on. i scraped my toe with what i think was a nail.. But i had my last tetanus shot 9 years ago (03/20/12).. the cut was not deep but did bleed. heres how many times i took the tetanus shot in the course of my life

Dip, Tet, Pert

Vaccination Type: State Required Vaccination

Compliance: In Compliance

Date (1) 11/16/95 Dosage Qty: 1

Date (2) 02/06/96 Dosage Qty: 1

Date (3) 02/20/97 Dosage Qty: 1

Date (4) 02/22/98 Dosage Qty: 1

Date (5) 03/12/01 Dosage Qty: 1

Date (6) 03/20/03 Dosage Qty: 1

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    Go to urgent care just to be safe.

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