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Cut my toe with a nail.?

it was dark outside and i was in my backyard with only socks on. i scraped my toe with what i think was a nail.. But i had my last tetanus shot 9 years ago (03/20/12).. the cut was not deep but did bleed. heres how many times i took the tetanus shot in the course of my life

Dip, Tet, Pert

Vaccination Type: State Required Vaccination

Compliance: In Compliance

Date (1) 11/16/95 Dosage Qty: 1

Date (2) 02/06/96 Dosage Qty: 1

Date (3) 02/20/97 Dosage Qty: 1

Date (4) 02/22/98 Dosage Qty: 1

Date (5) 03/12/01 Dosage Qty: 1

Date (6) 03/20/03 Dosage Qty: 1

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    If you see the nail during the daytime, check to see if it has rust on it. Visit your doctor if your toe is still bleeding from the time you stepped on the nail to make sure you didn't get any diseases from it.

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    I would clean it with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide about twice a day for a couple of day. If it starts looking really red and irritated, then I would go to the doctor just to make sure.

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