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I'm a female Gemini and every (first of all, I don't know if I believe in horoscopes or not, but it's always possible that it's true) ANYWAY every one of my horoscopes that I read says exactly everything right about me and my personality except for one major detail. It says that we are very socially outgoing and are great with conversations. I have struggled with depression and social anxiety for a long time and have been abused in the past(physically, sexually, emotionally), but have just started getting help for it. My question is, is it possible that this social gemini characteristic is true for me, it's just can't get it out yet because of my past and the fact that I need counseling or is this just the way I am?

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  • 8 years ago
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    astrology was once synonymous with astronomy. they were part of a broader system belonging to the Quadrivium which were the four liberal arts Music (number in time), Geometry (number is space), Mathematics (pure number) and Cosmology (number in space and time). It was during the Enlightenment that astrology was mostly shrugged off and the discipline became generally known as "astronomy". Various systems of astrology have existed all over the world, and to think there is some relationship between human life and the planets is justified. We know that full moons make people behave oddly. We know that woman's cycles are tied to the moon's cycles. There are many other natural patterns which 'appear' tied to planetry movements, at least to the moon and sun. Astrology fell out of favour, however, because horoscopes were made to predict short term future. As you can imagine, people were exploited by this, corruption and money and control became aspects of it, and religious institutes felt it was leading people away from the churches and being misguided (rightly so, by sham fortune tellers). However, rather than ban fortune telling, the entire system of astrology it was associated with became tarnished - not only has it been misunderstood, but the knowledge and empirical observations that formed its basis have been largely lost or obscured. It doesn't help today that astrology is largely apparent only in magazine columns by titilating future predications, or associated with cults and black magic. Astrology "described" a system of relationships. It was and is not "prescriptive". As for the Quadrivium, with the Trivium (rhetoric, logic and grammar), which was developed by Pythagoras, these formed the 7 liberal sciences or arts which our modern western education system is based on.

    hopefully this indicates that whilst a horoscopic/starsign description may attempt to describe your personality, we can and should be very scrutinising. astrology can't take into account other factors such as any trauma, nor - in our present day understanding of the science - attempt to. rather, we should go back the root logic of the gemini description. if geminis love talking, then communication for them is a primary concern, whether it takes the form of being interested in words and their manipulation, debating, logical implications, etc. you might be able to trace a love of communication, or rather a 'fascination' with communication, with other things you do. but just remember astrology is part of a much larger, complex system that aims to be a window into a higher level of understanding of existence. some well written starsign descriptions can remind you of attributes of yourself you like and want to promote. so if you feel you 'should' be more outgoing and social, that might be what you need to work on. hope this helps you. all the best

  • 8 years ago

    most gemins are outgoing, thats just the classic sterptypical gemini trait. but some geminis may act more like thier moon or rising sun, which is compleley different from thier sun sign. for example im a gemini, but my moon sign is virgo and im a capricorn rising. i act like a gemini, but i am also influenced by moon and rising sign, because i am very quiet and reserved in public, but once you get to know me i act more like my sun sign. but you have to find out what your moon or rising sign is, it may have something to do with the way you are. but i also recommend that you seek counseling and therapy, a professional so you can talk about your problems, move foward and be happy. life is too short to be sad, and depressed. hope i helped.

  • 8 years ago

    Usually emotionally abused Geminis act like this

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Perhaps the zodiac decided to be ironic?

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