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If you had to pick one of these places in France to visit, which would it be and why?

-St. Tropez, France

-Nice, France

-Monte Carlo, France

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    I'm French and visit Sainte Maxime, city on the seaside, 15' from Saint Tropez, many times per year.

    I love the area, not only St Tropez is beautiful (most of all out of August), also other towns like Grimaud, Ramatuelle and Gassin. Further away, I like Villefranche sur Mer, Saint Paul de Vence and Eze.

    If I were a tourist with only a few days to visit the area, I'd stay in Villefranche sur Mer, lovely city near Nice and Monaco. I'd rent a car, take the corniche road which offers the most spectacular landscapes and visit the different places : Nice (half a day), Monaco (3 or 4 hours), Eze (I'd go there to see the town, the gardens and the sunset, good place to stay for dinner), Saint Paul de Vence (not only its a beautiful town but there's art everywhere and I'd absolutely visit the Maeght foundation).

    If you stay longer than 3 days, then, you can take a boat to St Tropez.

    You mention Monte Carlo which is just a neighbourhood of Monaco, it's not in France. If you want to see luxury, Monte Carlo is the right place but there are lots of buildings and cars. I prefer the old town, where the palace is, very interesting place to visit, lovely gardens too.






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