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why did London Olympics screw up so badly? Doesn't this make Beijing Olympics an even more success?

She did nothing wrong, yet she was ROBBED of her match AND her medal!

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    To counter Peter D's arrogant racist rant and your question.

    The British have no say over how the events are judged or played. They are judged by referees of world Olympic panels which INCLUDE people from all nations.

    It was the Badminton World Federation, not the West or the Olympics, president by a South Korean, who set the rules for the Olympics badminton games and them who judged them with the IOC teams for "match throwing" Not does or nor should the football leagues of FIFA hold court over badminton.

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    As for the gymnastics, thats never here or there, this involves the dismount and the fact that while it was a bloody awful one, i.e he was falling off, should they really be awarded points for it is the question. See for yourself and judge towards the end, btw don't two of the judges who set the score in the first place look Asian?

    As for the swimming, what, the British are saying that shes a drug cheat, you got to be joking most papers are saying that that shes not and that its wrong to say she is only the likes of the mail are questioning it,

    Any other mention of it are in regards to a couches comments and Chinese swimming past.

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    I commonly don't like private msg chats I rather they be public

    "Chinese players blatantly wanted to lose which they did nothing wrong", so did the other 3 teams all at the same time thats why its made headlines. It may have been tactics but in doing so blatantly with the other three, they broke the rules of the BWF which prohibit "not using one's best efforts to win a match" and "conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sports" so for starters saying that they didn't do wrong is false. Now as you have quoted that they blatantly wanted to lose, how can this not break the "not using one's best efforts to win a match" "rule 4.5 of the players handbook.

    It may well be pointing out that England football play crap or not play well but they come under the FIFA rules as its football, and therefore you have to find under FIFA, rules and not BWF, that such action is against the FIFA rules. If it isn't then its termed legal.

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    Of all the people I have talked to only a very few think these Olympics are in trouble, you, poor Peter, Dl and.... I really think you do not want to be in that crowd, stupid people, racist, idiots, people who have done with out way to long. Any time you have human judges you will have disagreements about what they do. I have enjoyed these games as much as any I have watched (and that has been a lot of Olympics). Nothing today has any bearing on the Beijing Olympics, they are history. They were good but they were full of problems too. People not following the rules, the CCP not doing what it agreed to do about the press being able to report as it has in all the other Olympics, people suppose to be singing but not, people killed and the list goes on. But these and the ones in London are held by humans and humans make mistakes. Just the other day China claimed a wieght lifter because she won gold, the girl was so confused she did not know what to do. She did not wear the Chinese uniform but China claimed her, after she won. Korean girl lost her medal after the time run out. These games just like all other games have problems but they are meant for the young people to enjoy. Why do the idiots and the stupid try to find things? Why not watch and enjoy? One person says "the arrogant westerns ruined it" how stupid can racist be? This guy reminds me of one of the skin heads making stupid racist remarks. The statement shows the speaker knows nothing about these games, the Olympics or the west. Nothing about the statement has any truth or facts in it. Then he talks about another game and shows even less knowledge. People like this can not enjoy anything other than their racist thoughts, but nobody else in the world thinks as they do. I have enjoyed these games very much and hope the two top teams stay on top. I used to feel sorry for these racist and stupid people but that was long ago. Now I see them the same as the Islamic radicals, a waste of air and wast of food. There are good people who could make much better use of the resources these things use. China and the US are still the top two nations, yea!!!

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    It seems the Asians are having a tough time in London, and doing their own part to screw things up...

    The Chinese gave ZERO respect to the spectators who paid good money to witness a fine sporting competition. In denying the spectators that right, the Chinese players undermined the whole system that CREATES THE OLYMPICS. Where the heck do you think the money comes from to give hardworking athletes from all over the world a SINGLE CHANCE to demonstrate what they have worked most of their lives to achieve?

    The Chinese spit in the face of their benefactors, making a mockery of sincere sporting competition, and they deserved to be ejected for such insolent and irreverent behavior.

    Then again, the Chinese seem to enjoy being well-knowm for cheating customers, don't they?

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    not only that, they are a joke, bias and full of themselves.

    i'm sorry for shin a lam, to add insult to injury, my compatriot beat her for bronze.

    not only her situation, there are many controversies surrounding east asians.

    - showing a south korean flag next to a north korean player on the screen.

    - japan had to appeal at gymnastics and rightly so and everyone saying "that's bad sportsmanship"

    - worse of all is, westerners accusing ye shiwen of doping

    - not only that, koreans and chinese got disqualified in badminton and i find this sooo hypocritical from the british. we see this from the english in football, yet they get praise from fans and the media.

    honestly this olympics is a joke. the arrogant westerners ruined it!

    @lim yuan, but they also were on america's side regarding ye shiwen, but then when she came clean, they make out like they were being impartial by saying "we got to be careful when it comes to assuming who's cheating or not". david cameron said it was an "honest mistake" when showing an south korean flag next to north korean players on the screen in their football match.

    also what about the badminton, sports is a tactical game, they did nothing wrong, if anything blame how the system works. if GB did something similar they will be marked as a "genius".

    are u for real providing me links AFTER she has been cleared, give me some links where the british were impartial before she got checked. ian thorpe didn't even back her when he broke records at her age. his saying it's ok to accuse people of 'doping'. china has cleaned up their acts, i know they have a history but if u say it like that, u might as well accuse every single chinese winner. america also has history of 'cheating' and using drugs. so don't make out like it's a traditional thing for china to cheat.

    u call me arrogant and racist.

    this is your comment

    "Don't let either team go through and drug test all of them NOW!" and this is regarding badminton, since when does blatantly playing bad have anything to do with drug test.

    and i agreed that korea had decisions go their way in 2002 but i am talking about the olympics. if an sporting event were hosted in china and they did something wrong, i guarantee we wouldn't hear the end of it and if GB got screwed, i would feel for them too. i'm mostly a neutral but when it comes to situation like this, i find this very hypocritical.

    the difference between my comment ("the arrogant westerners ruined it!") and your comment (""Don't let either team go through and drug test all of them NOW!"") is i don't mean every single westerners, i meant in general, u know the bias ones who also accused yi shiwen of 'doping' and calling china 'cheats'. and your comment implies all of the chinese athletes but that was before i knew u meant it as a "joke" since i don't know u personally :S

    “if GB did something similar they will be marked as a "genius" - the fact of the matter is sports is a tactical game, i know GB got disqualified/relegated, so have china and i got no complaints. what they both did was wrong and if u go on the comments page relating to both getting disqualified, you'll see bias british comments(will provide link later on) and for the football comment. i'm using football as an example unless u want me to use another relating to what happened in badminton, that is what i really meant when i said "if GB did something similar they will be marked as a "genius"". so u are implying they "fix" the match? or "cheating"? they did nothing wrong, if anything blame how the system works, blame whoever organized it. there's also a rule that states

    part of the olympic spirit also said you play for gold and that's what they did, they believe having an easier opponent or rather meeting their compatriots.

    so how is it that it's ok for GB to do something similar then?

    in the 1948 Olympics two british rowers did the exact same thing and ended up winning the Gold medal. they deliberately lost to France in the first race to avoid racing the Danish favourites. they were treated as heroes, regardless of this. There was even a documentary made on them recently.

    so u are absolutely right, not genius more like heroes.

    But when foreigners use the same tactical move, they get criticized and disqualified. so what does that say about GB then?

    and to your logic, u are saying it's ok to cheat but not get caught, so what u are saying regarding what happened in badminton is lose the game BUT make it look like u want to win?

    i'm using england football as an example of fans paying their ticket to be entertained, this is not a circus, they are athletes not entertainers. it's not their fault people pay to watch this game.

    u know what because we are discussing more than just the olympics, email me and tell me what u disagree on or what part of my comments u have a problem with?!

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