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My dog is pregnant, I need a little help?

Alright so my friend found a pregnant dog about a month ago, we don't know when her due date is, we didn't even know she was pregnant until about a week after we found her when I took her to the vet just to have her looked over. Today she started producing milk and her temp dropped to 98.6. I have done this before but it has been awhile. How long after the milk comes in will she have her pups usually? I need to know so I can take work off. I already have everything I need for her (and then some) but I don't want to take the chance of leaving her alone while I go to work and for her to go into labor alone it makes me nervous. Also she has a clear discharge coming out of her. Its been so long since I have helped a dog give birth. My vet also told me to let him know when she goes into labor so he can be ready if anything goes wrong. Even tho I have only had her for almost a month I love this little dog and don't want anything to happen to her. Any information you have would be helpful thank you.


I cant spay her she is to far along. ill be spaying her after this litter tho I can promise you that

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    Maltese have very small litters generally. Its no longer uncommon to have in basic terms one doggy or 2. for that reason you're no longer likely to work out a brilliant abdomen, you're no longer likely to work out a brilliant nipple enhance, and regardless of if that is a smaller muddle they frequently can pass to 70 days of being pregnant. for that reason the puppies are generally VERY super!!! that is a vast project for her to pass them yet. As to understanding for specific. the only way you will comprehend is to pass to the vet and get an ULTRASOUND. So make yet another appointment and pass get one. while you're a sturdy, worried proprietor who needs in basic terms the appropriate on your dogs and doggies you're able to have placed some money aside for this way of treatment. So if i'm proper and those puppies are in there and extensive, initiate saving some money for the C-section she could could desire to get them out. If the test didnt coach something and you're this a strategies alongside, shes no longer pregnant. i could think of what you're feeling is the intestine strikes. Your dogs is a noisy digester and you experience intestine movments or a muscle tick in all probability. Its nevertheless a threat she has ONE doggy in there yet no longer likely. Shes a small dogs and that doggy could have been vast now, and massive sufficient to %. up on the test. i could be risk-free in saying she isn't pregnant.

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    Well. If its her first litter usually when she's in labor. If she's had pups before two weeks before her due date she can produce milk. But since this dogs history is unknown you have no way of knowing. Good luck!

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    It sounds like you're ahead of the game. You should start seeing puppies within 24 hours once their temperature drops. It can be 20 minutes or so between puppies, but if she seems like she's straining/pushing for an hour or more, it's an emergency. Tell her congratulations for me!

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    sounds like your 24 -36 hours from puppies. call the vet and ready the whelping box

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