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Purebred breeders in Riverside County?

Does anyone know of any purebred breeders in or close to Riverside County, CA? I'm looking to adopt a Great Dane, but I want a purebred because I've had too many troubles in the past with mutts and mixes. I want to adopt from a Professional breeder, adopt a Dane who has papers.

I've looked online but I can't find any good trustworthy sites. I'm ONLY looking for a Great Dane.

10 points to anyone who can find me a good trustworthy site that sells purebred Great Dane PUPPIES. A place where I can go and visit the puppies and all that kind of stuff.

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    Others have given you good resources. You probably won't be able to go and visit puppies, unless you have spoken to or visited a breeder to order a puppy in advance. You can look at adult dogs there, and decide whether you like the conformation and the character of their dogs, and can afford either a show or pet quality puppy. Good breeders will only breed their female dogs once, maybe twice a year.

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    Contact the Great Dane Club of America or the local Great Dane Club in your state. The national website will have a list of local clubs. Either, can refer you to reputable breeders. HOWEVER, your terminology seems a bit confused. You do not normally ADOPT a dog, from a breeder. YOU adopt a dog from a local Rescue group for that breed. Breeders do not normally have dogs available for adoption, just puppies for sale.

    Source(s): 28 yrs in dogs Grt Dane Club of N. Calif. = Grt Dane Club of San Diego = Grt Dane Club of American has 4 clubs on CA: Grt Dane Club of America has 2 rescue groups IN CA.
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    Unless you live on a ranch or farm I would not suggest a Great Dane.

    The city is not a good place for this dog even in the 'burbs'.

    It is also a huge responsibility.

    Big dog.

    Big upkeep.

    Big responsibility.

    You may want to reconsider.

    A small lap dog type is more cuddly and more easy to maintain and more fun.

    PS: Is adopting a dog a new term for breeders to sell their dogs ?

    Adopting a dog usually means adopting a rescue dog from an animal or dog rescue or animal pound or shelter.

    There are even bred specific rescues.

    If your wanting to adopt, I would start at those places first.

    Good Luck.

    Source(s): My opinion. Experience with several breeds including two thoroughbred Great Danes. Also living on farms.
  • The Great Dane Club of America has a list of all the reputable breeders in your area. This is the only reputable site to find a Great Dane breeder.

    There are 24-25 breeders in California alone.

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    The national breed club has breeder referrals and may also have links to local clubs. You can also go to and find shows close to you and there should be some coming up if I recall. You can then go and talk with breeders and exhibitors and get some names to get on wait lists. That way you also have time to interview breeders and do your homework as well. Good luck, one day I hope to have a harlequin Great Dane as I have always loved them.

  • The Great Dane Club of America should have a breeder referral link.

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    8 years ago look up by breed and state beyond that its up to you to research the breeders and the health of the pups they sell.

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