USA vs Canada?Which is better?

Which is better to live?

I guess Canada..

Your opinion?

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  • 7 years ago
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    'What President Obama Doesn't Want You To Know About Canada'

    Link -

    Additional to which is how Canada is internationally rated as:

    -The world's best advanced economy.

    -The world's soundest banking system.

    -The world's top country brand-rating.

    -The world's most tolerant nation.

    -The world's most multicultural society.

    -The world leader in educational attainment.

    -The highest quality of life in the G7 and 2nd highest in the OECD.

    -The safest G7 nation to live in.

    -The G7's most fairly-administered judicial system.

    -The G7 leader in providing equal opportunities for individuals.

    -The only G7 nation fully recovered from the global financial crisis & recession.

    -The world's best country for business.

    -The strongest fiscal position of all G‑7 nations.

    -The best G7 nation for business over the next 5 years.

    Canada's also rated as being:

    -One of the world's 10 safest countries.

    -One of the world's 10 most peaceful nations.

    -One of the world's 10 happiest countries.

    -One of the world's 10 least corrupt nations.

    No other nation on Earth is all of that including the US.

    And speaking of the US:

    -Canada's Constitution provides more rights & freedoms than America's.

    -Canadian's pay fewer taxes per person than Americans.

    -Canada's median net worth per person is 70% higher than America's.

    -Canada's national debt is measured in billions. Not trillions like America.

    -Canadians are healthier & live years longer than Americans thanks to universal healthcare.

    -Canada's Triple A credit rating was reaffirmed, not downgraded like America's was.

    -Canadians have a more politically, economically and societally stable nation than Americans.

    Plus a whole lot more.

    And then there's the gorgeous scenery, abundant natural resources and Tim Horton's coffee.

  • 3 years ago

    For the report, Canada could also be higher than the USA right now, but no longer by way of much. There's the equal crimson tape here as in the united states. The economic climate in relevant Canada is crashing too, identical to that of the USA. Canada is killing insurgents (and even civilians) in Afghanistan along with the americans and the Dutch. Because it stands, i am quite ashamed to be Canadian; that some thing I notion i'd by no means say 10 years ago. Spare yourself the grief and keep in the U.S.. Canada is only a chillier and more hypocrite variant of the United States.

  • US Life Expectancy = 75.6 years(men) 80.8(women) Overall - 78.2 years, overall rank 38th in the world just behind Cuba just ahead of Portugal.

    Canada Life Expectancy = 78.3 years(men) 82.9 years(women) Overall - 80.7 years, overall rank 10th in the world in a 3 way tie with Metropolitan France and Macau, just behind Sweden just ahead of Italy.

    On that stat alone Canada is better, minimum wage in Canada where i`m from is $10,25 which is significantly higher than anywhere in the US. Income Per capita the average Canadian family makes slightly more than an American one.

    US has the highest incarceration rate in the world, over 2 million Americans are locked up. Overall the crime rate in Canada is lower than the US. Canada has excellent education.

    Canadian cities are consistently ranked higher than US ones for standard of living, and Vancouver is consistently ranked among the top 3 cities on earth to live.

    The Economist Intelligence Unit's most recent liveability report shows cities in Canada, Australia, Austria, Finland and New Zealand as the ideal destinations, thanks to a widespread availability of goods and services, low personal risk, and an effective infrastructure.

    Currently Melbourne in Australia is ranked number 1 followed by Vienna in Austria, Vancouver is 3rd.

  • Randy
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    7 years ago

    Besides the fact this question gets asked a dozen or so times a week can't be answered. You have not stated by what metric the question is to be answered by. Are you taking climate, quality of life, life expectancy, net worth, overall happiness, prestige.........

    Which area of Canada compared to which area of the US? Both countries are vast (although Canada is bigger) and has many different climate areas, geographical areas and ecological areas. One cannot accurately compare Arizona to Winnipeg or Alaska to Halifax.

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  • 7 years ago

    Canada has gay marriage, free health care, and cute accents. America has a plummeting economy, unequal rights for gays, women, and basically anyone who's not a white heterosexual male, an obesity epidemic, expensive health care, and the Religious Right.

    You do the math.

  • 7 years ago

    Both countries are awesome, asking which country is better is like trying to compare white and ivory as colours. Neither is better, both are best - just for different reasons.

    People in the USA are fiercely patriotic and open about it; Canadians as fierce in their patriotism but it's more heartfelt than vocalized, nothing we wear on our sleeve. People who brag bore the heck out of me; when they brag about countries I often wonder who they're trying to convince.

    The USA has a huge heritage of conflict, the right to bear arms in their Constitution and all the power to them. Canada the polar opposite created on the traditions of the unarmed Constable of the English Bobby.

    Canada, while not looking for a war has never lost one either. No loses, no ties, no truces.

    Canada has socialized Medical for citizens and elected Socialist Parties - in the USA socialized state-sponsored anything is blasphemy, 'communism' taken to extremes.

    Criminality. Depending on where you live like in a big city, property crime is big in every major city in earth - leave your purse in your car or ipod on the bus bench and yes it'll likely be stolen in either country. There is the occasional shootings in Canada, but those are more exceptions that prove Canada has minimal violence. Stats bear that out.

    Laws are more liberal in Canada. For example there are States with no tolerance policies, in Canada nobody including the police don't care what you do so long as you're not an idiot in public about it, inflicting your 'pleasure' on the unwanting.

    In Canada there are no laws specifically protecting gay, bisexual or transgenders using an example - because discimmination period, against anyone isn't tolerated for any reason incl ethnicity, religion, gender, gender preference... live and let live.

    Education, I live near Vancouver and foreign students are everywhere, of every Nationality. Seems our academics are among the world's top ranked which I'm sure is a Canada-wide standard.

    (that's not to say idiots don't abound, heck I make 5 mistakes before breakfast lol)

    Quality of life, Vancouver for years wins #1 "most livable city in the world" with Toronto and Montreal in the top 5 normally too according to several world tourism groups... that's counter balanced by the fact Vancouver is one freekin' expensive city to live in - certainly higher than most US cities. Again though wages in Canada tend to be higher than those earned in the USA. I think in both countries the government taxes them all to death. As far as I know there are no USA cities that crack the top five.

    Canada's economy is rocking right along with no end in sight to projects on the go to other countries wanting to buy so future looks as bright as it is now. The USA seems iffy but give it that 1-2 years and they very well could rebound, finger's crossed for them.

    Both countries offer pretty cool opportunities and freedoms, just different kinds... a lot of which is 'better' comes down to just personal preferences.

  • 7 years ago

    Im asian and I pick USA for being more interesting .

    No offense everytime i think of Canada all I think is some trees full of grizzly Bears lol

  • 7 years ago


    We have more power.

    More allies.

    And are doing better in the olympics.

    Source(s): Me.
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Neither we are all just people.

  • 7 years ago

    USA!! USA!!

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