How can I program my toshiba TV remote to control my blu-ray player?

I bought a Toshiba 22" flat-screen today with remote control model CT-90325. I bought a blu-ray player but the remote was missing. How can I program the TV remote to control the blu-ray to avoid the hassle of returning it or buying a new remote?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Joe, you need a learning or a remote that controls the other components or you will have to buy one.Look up the info online for the proper info,Both answers have good points.Either return it and be easy,or if there is a reason you cant,the info will be online if you have no manual.Or buy a cheap universal remote dude.

    Source(s): Goole is your friend sAV Forums for anything TV or AV.Remotes are 5 bucks cheap,amazon,wal-mart,etc.
  • ZED
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    7 years ago

    Man, if the remote is missing take the player back for an exchange, unless you stole the player.

  • 7 years ago

    If your TV remote can be programmed to operate other equipment, all of that will be covered in the TV's manual.

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