Simple question i assume?

people please describe what instagram is and maybe a link if i think ik wht it is.... and what is the '#' before something supposed to mean? i.e. in fb status' people often say #yolo or something like tht.

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    Instagram is an app for mobile phones where you can take pictures and post them on your instagram which will then show up in your followers' feed.

    # - Hashtag

    When someone puts #YOLO it means that they're tagging You Only Live Once as apart of their twitter or instagram post. If you type YOLO into twitter then all of the tweets with #YOLO will come up.

  • 7 years ago

    Instagram is photo sharing with cool effects. Everyone can be a photographer if you have an iPhone!

    Putting # before something means you hash-tagged it and people who are searching for similar photos will see yours.

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