Which would be better for us? Uruguay winning or Great Britain winning..or ties?

If Great Britain wins, Uruguay is pretty much eliminated and we will probably face Senegal next.

If Uruguay wins, we will probably face Uruguay next assuming Senegal wins their game.

If both Uruguay vs Great Britain and Senegal vs UAE end in a tie, Uruguay is eliminated and we can face either Great Britain or Senegal depending on the scores.

If Senegal wins and Uruguay vs Great Britain end in a tie, then we will probably face Great Britain next and Uruguay is eliminated.

Kinda confusing lol,,but which result would be better for El Tri?

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  • Rafael
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    8 years ago
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    Senegal seems like the eaziest but you cant underestimate them and of we win our quarter final we will face the winner of the Japon v Egypt and possibly get to the final most likely against Brasil

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The surprise of the tourney will be Honduras beating brazil as for mexico they will have it easier against senegal

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  • It doesn't matter who we face, every opponent is tough and deserves respect.

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