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((( i live in the uk)))So its the summer holidays, and next year im in year 11, where i live is a small town with only one school. the next local town has one school too but its 37 miles away. I cannot last another year in this sh*t school. i talked to my mom about Online school since she cant home-school me because she works from 9am-5pm. she said we'll see but that usually means no. everyone hates me in this school and im bullied all the time and i wanna find an online school that i can to everyday instead of going to my school. we cannot hire a teacher because we dont have the money. Please help me get some more info on this online school subject, give me links to any website that i could check out or anything. Thanks in advance.

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  • Chris
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    7 years ago
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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    A lot of persons believe that homeschoolers are both lazy, socially challenged children; or caught up, sensible, socially challenged children. Honestly, thats no longer precise in any respect. Another delusion approximately homeschoolers is that we're all high-quality devout. Again, no longer precise. While the A Beka Academy IS a devout college, I, myself, am no longer devout. Some of the Pros and Cons approximately homeschooling: You get to be at residence (all day?) You get to train your self and study to be extra impartial You can select your possess time table You will hang around with older peers who get out of college prior, as a consequence serving to you grow to be extra mature as a substitute then shy There are alot of homeschool groups you'll be able to discuss with and meet persons at Its alot quicker then public college, supplying you with extra time to do amusing movements It is helping you be extra liable together with her possess schoolwork No Peer Pressure If you desired to, you would sign up right into a regional college PART TIME, for detailed categories like language. The cons: No children to play with durring the day (besides different homeschoolers?) Its a bit of tougher maintaining up while your no longer in a study room surroundings (a minimum of, for me) ONE THING: You have got to honestly be prompted to paintings. If you arnt, you're going to flunk.

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