I need Girls names combinations?

Please could you make up some combinations out of these names for characters in my book. I need about 18 full names, so please be imaginative and make some pretty names!!

You can make some hyphenated names such as Emily Morrison-Kay or Chloe-Leigh Walter

First names:

Emily, Freya, Michelle, Naomi, Shannon, Sheridan, Lois, Gemma, Chelsea, Isla, Emma, India, Florence, Eva, Natasha, Samantha, Sophia, Lexie, Georgia, Nicole, Alana, Grace, Dianne, Eleanor

Middle names:

Louise, Claire, Rose, Leigh, Jane, Jayde, Jade, Chloe, Olivia, Sophie, Evangeline, Rosalie, Grace, Allison, Catherine, Karen, Katy, Katie, Faye, Lily, Mae, May, Kayla, Eleanor, Taylor


Woodburn, Campbell, Dobson, Walter, Dickson, Anderson, Robinson, Evans, Collins, Malley, Longshore, Carr, Brockman, Noel, Rowley, Morrison, Ryan, Fowler, McCarthy, Kay, Jones, Peake, Taylor, Hunter

if you want you could make two of the girls twins and do names that go together.

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    9 years ago
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    Emily Jane Campbell

    Freya Rose Woodburn

    Michelle Catherine Rowley

    Naomi Jade Morrison

    Shannon Louise Longshore

    Sheridan May Jones

    Lois Allison Hunter

    Gemma Claire Taylor

    Chelsea Grace Fowler

    Isla Faye Ryan

    Emma Evangeline McCarthy

    India Lily Kay

    Florence Eleanor Brockman

    Eva Taylor Malley

    Natasha Rosalie Evans

    Samantha Leigh Anderson

    Sophia Katie Carr

    Lexie Louise Robinson

    Georgia Sophie Peake

    Nicole Jane Collins

    Alana Chloe Dobson

    Grace Olivia Noel

    Diane Karen Dickson

    Eleanor Kayla Walter

    I know that its not exactly 18 full names but you can choose the 18 you like out of these.

    Hope this helped! :)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1. Emily Olivia Ryan

    2. Freya Catherine Malley

    3. Michelle Louise Dobson

    4. Naomi Evangeline Fowler

    5. Sheridan Jade Carr

    6. Gemma Allison Jones

    7. Chelsea Mae Evans

    8. Isla Faye Rowley

    9. India Rose Longshore

    10. Eva Rosalie McCarthy

    11. Natasha Lily Hunter

    12. Samantha Jayde Morrison

    13. Sophia Grace Brockman

    14. Lexie Claire Taylor

    15. Nicole Leigh Anderson

    16. Alana Jane Peake

    17. Grace Chloe Woodburn

    18. Eleanor Sophie Campbell

  • Lia
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    9 years ago

    1. Emily Evangeline Jones

    2. Chelsea Mae Rowley

    3. Emma Rosalie Taylor**

    4. Eva Grace Longshore

    5. Natasha Faye Morrison

    6. Samantha Claire Woodburn

    7. Sophia Jade Evans

    8. Lexie Olivia Dobson

    9. Grace Catherine Walter

    10. Alana Rose Taylor**

    11. Nicole Jade Walter

    12. Samantha Allison McCarthy

    13. Naomi Kayla Morrison

    14. Georgia Faye Peake

    15. Eleanor Karen Malley

    16. Florence Claire Brockman

    17. Isla Jade Noel

    18. Michelle Louise Ryan

    Twins: Alana Rose Taylor and Emma Rosalie Taylor. Alana and Emma

  • 9 years ago

    Isla Grace Collins

    Eleanor Rose Fowler

    Alana Lily Dobson

    Lois Jade Campbell

    Florence Mae Taylor

    Lexie May Malley

    Sophia Claire Rowley

    Shannon Taylor Jones

    India Sophie Dickson

    Emma Karen Peake

    Freya Jayde Walter

    Eva Catherine Noel

    Grace Evangeline Morrison

    Gemma Ellison Carr

    Emily Jane Brockman

    Natasha Louise Anderson

    Dianne Katy Robinson

    Michelle Rosalie Evans

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  • 9 years ago

    Eva May and Emma Faye Jones

    India Jade Taylor

    Sophia Lily Ryan

    Eleanor Jane Anderson

    Alana Rose Carr

    Emily Taylor-Grace

    Georgia Faye Dickson

    Rosalie Evans

    Freya Olivia Evans

    Katie Samantha Morrison

    Some of my names to conjoin: (with your last names)

    Annaleigh Summer Collins

    Peyton Grace Longshore

    Amelia Elizabeth Hunter

    Ava Willow Peake

    Bethany Woodburn

    Jasmine Rose Brockman

    I dont know how many that is but i hope i helped :)

  • 9 years ago

    1. Emma Louise Woodburn

    2. Sophia Mae Fowler

    3. Eva Allison Rowley

    4. Emily Jane Anderson

    5. Naomi Grace Collins

    6. Michelle Karen Campbell

    7. Grace Taylor

    8. India Rose Morrison

    9. Nicole May Walter

    10.Natasha Claire Robinson

    11.Georgia Faye Dobson

    12.Alana Grace Ryan

    13.Dianne Catherine Hunter

    14.Isla Karen Jones

    15.Shannon Katy Noel

    16.Sheridan Rosalie Malley

    17.Lexie Leigh Carr

    18.Freya Karen Brockman

  • 9 years ago

    Michelle Rosalie Carr

    Shannon Leigh Collins

    Georgia Louise McCarthy

    Samantha Faye Malley

    Lexie Taylor Robinson

    Florence Lily Campbell

    Natasha Jayde Ryan

    Freya Evangeline Dobson

    Eva Claire Robinson

    Gemma Evangeline Morrison

    Sophia Faye Ryan

    Alana Grace Collins

    India Jade Noel


    Emily Jade Taylor & Eva Rose Taylor

    Sophia Grace Rowley & Chelsea Mae Rowley

    Naomi Jane Peake & Natasha Jayde Peake

  • 9 years ago

    1.India Louise Hunter

    2.Florence May Dobson

    3:Eva Rose Collins

    4.Emily Grace Woodburn

    5.Naomi Leigh Carr

    6.Alana Jade Taylor

    7.Georgia Faye Jones

    8.Chelsea Jane Evans

    9.Grace Claire McCarthy

    10.Dianne Olivia-Robinson

    11.Lexie Evangeline Noel

    -All I could thing of!


  • 4 years ago

    i admire all of those names! Aria Loren Brylee Adelynn Morgan Julianne or Morgan Gracelyn Hallie Loren or Hallie Breilyn or Hallie Jayne Leah Adelynn or Leah Loren or Leah Jayne hmm and Logan i could be a splash afraid my daughter could be teased! yet i do truly love that call so i could choose for Logan Adelynn! i in my view desire this helps!

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