Do you believe Amanda Knox killed Meredith Kercher?

and if you don't then who do you think did murder her? and why did amanda knox go underwear shopping and was seen kissing her boyfriend just after her "friend" has been murdered?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Knoxs problem was smoking cannabis, it addled her brain & made her into an attention-seeking, unreliable & useless witness.

    If she didn't murder Meredith, she knows who did.

    It was stifled by the US media at the time, Knox made a lousy house-mate.

    She regularly shirked her share of housework, had bad personal hygiene & WOULD invite strange men back to the house, day & night.

    She was a freak & probably a sex-addict.

    The Italian prosecution team have appealed against her aquittal.

    It will take time but they MIGHT win the right to a re-trial.


    Then add evidence that knox was jealous of Meredith.

    Meredith was popular with her house-mates & fellow students.

    Meredith also had a good job, worked hard & was respected by her co-workers & customers, alike.

    knox however was not of the same calibre & people would avoid her.

    When abroad you set an example & the Italians have no problems with Brits.

    Not surprising is it?

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  • 3 years ago

    Well, the black man is responsible. And the white woman is blameless. That is what one pass judgement on reportedly stated "he would inform watching at their faces". As a long way because the legislation is going, that is the present function. The lovebirds have plenty of explaining to do which they don't seem to be doing. Her boyfriend has additionally stated that they've fabricated alibis in combination to be constant. ALL EVIDENCES are circumstantial in nature. Always. Motive is consistently within the brain and will in no way be proved however handiest guessed. There is proof that they each had been on the scene whilst the sufferer died however they'd very well connections and really well attorneys. If she had been relatively blameless, why her loved ones has to spend over two million bucks? I have no idea how so much her boyfriend spent for the path. But then the cardinal rule is that "now not handiest justice will have to be performed nevertheless it have to look to be performed" - has failed. When persons lose religion within the procedure of justice, this can be a horrible day.

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  • 5 years ago

    My opinion, as an American , living in Italy, is that most of the sheer rubbish AMERICANS write here about the case is completely factually inaccurate and they have zero understanding of the Italian legal system......which, surprise surprise, is NOT the same as the American one..........and there has been NO----ZERO-----"double jeopardy" here.

    The entire process, has been about AUTOMATIC reviews of ***ANY*** murder conviction, by Italian law.......and then her begging for a re-trial after she was found GUILTY.........

    her rich parents and legal team got the STATE DEPT involved..... and it was finally agreed to give her a new trial. She was RELEASED pending that new trial......and Immediately FLED back to America.

    After she was "let go"...........the legal brief that released her, was ITSELF challenged and reviewed and found to be ****WITHOUT**** a shred of legal merit.

    In other words..........a deal was arranged....a loop hole was set up, and they allowed her to wriggle free.

    The second the horse was out of the barn.....the ruling came back, that she should have at least STAYED in Italy, until her RE-TRIAL------the one she BEGGED for..........was held.

    On Tv, she swore up and down, of COURSE she would return.........because she was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO innocent.........but when the time came.......she started singing a different a tune about "not wanting to create a media circus. (translation: Hell NO, I am not going back! Are you CRAZY? )

    At that retrial........surprise surprise......she was found just as GUILTY as the first time, and then some.

    her convictions for SLANDER and framing the barkeeper were *also* upheld.....and she got an ADDITIONAL two years, for those crimes, as well.

    What remains for the high court to once again, *confirm* and accept the findings of that trial......or dismiss the findings, based on whatever payoff they get or threat they receive from the State Dept again.

    If they UPHOLD the guilty verdict...........then she is GUILTY of MURDER. CASE CLOSED.

    She has been given EVERY benefit and consideration to the fullest extent of the law. She's been found GUILTY TWICE now.

    As soon as this high court gives the official word.......the boyfriend, Rafelle, will immediately begin his sentence.

    and Italy can then officially request extradition of Amanda, ---a request the United States, an ALLY of Italy, would not have a legal leg to stand on, to refuse......other than "we just don't want to".

    That would be a bad mistake for America, and certainly end any cooperation they could ever hope to get out of Italy.

    Amanda's alibi's and stories, were all blatant BS and proven lies. If she didn't kill Meredith........then she had no reason to repeatedly LIE to police and attempt to frame innocent men.

    She's GUILTY.........end of story.

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  • Jacy
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    8 years ago

    No, I do not. She was railroaded by a medieval-minded prosecutor who was on nothing short of a witch hunt. There was in fact, no evidence that ever established Amanda Knox was the killer or even a party to the crime. More importantly, that same prosecutor in the first trial knew this early on but refused to back off in order to save face. It was a travesty of huge proportion. The real killer was the one ultimately convicted of the crime, Rudy Guede and he acted alone.

    As far as the kissing and underwear shopping - nothing like making something out of nothing! They actually portrayed her a 'sexual sorceress' in the Italian press. In reality, the kisses were kisses of comfort and support NOT intended to offend anyone but the Italian media blew the entire thing out of proportion to keep the public riled. And the underwear - the girl was NEVER allowed back into her apartment for any reason. She had no clothes but those on her back. Does it make sense to you, she had to do a bit of shopping? Again, because she happened to be photographed while buying underwear, the media milked it for all it was worth.

    Take the time to read a bit about the Salem witch hunts/trials that took place in Colonial America (late 1600s.) It reminds me of the mindset of this Italian prosecutor, as well as the media mania, (which is becoming more and more of a problem everywhere.) Amanda Knox was extremely lucky to have had a second trial, before a judge who genuinely understood the facts of the case AND the law.

    Edit: @Nutster - nothing was 'stifled' in the U.S. media. We heard all about the allegations you have mentioned and more. 'Freak and sex addict?' Again, that witch hunt mentality. Those sound like typical college age student behaviors to me, nothing more.

    Re-trial? Mignini carries a vendetta - let him. He can take this to the highest court should he choose to. However, along with an extradition request, you have to show evidence of guilt - they have none, unless of course they fabricate it.

    Edit: Everything you have stated is not 'evidence', they are opinions and none of those opinions make Amanda Knox a killer. I should have known your comment was simply bias versus honestly evaluating the real evidence against her (which was none) and your added comments make that even more clear. Take another pot-shot because she's American - not surprising indeed!

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  • LillyB
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    8 years ago

    I don't think you can draw conclusions from her going shopping or kissing her boyriend. Life goes on no matter what happens. She certainly endured a horrible ordeal. I cannot imagine that she did kill her friend. If she did, as an apparently intelligent woman, under the cicumstances how could she have thought she would get away with it. As I understand it a man is in jail for the murder (wasnt it Rudy somebody). As far as I am concerned she was found not guilty and thats the end of it.

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