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Anonymous asked in 家庭與人際關係單身與交往 · 8 years ago








請不要給我任何翻譯系統!!有需要的話我就不會發問囉!!!謝謝 ㄋㄟ

Update 2:

OMG!!!!! i need your translate... not any suggestion or advice or any..., thanks


Update 3:


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  • 8 years ago
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    不知道對不對耶 不敢確定 @@

    I am really sorry for her! I have never been so sad, you know I love you, but you hurt me, I do not know the points in dispute in which miles? Started arguing about what? Is yourdo not trust me, or I do not trust you?

    You ask I am prepared to accept you, I told myself you will be only my life and I'm enjoying my concern, care, your love for me, I savor each of your I keep a newsletter, in the dead of night to miss you, secretly watching you text message to my cry secretly. Although the process we have experienced a dispute through my body is in poor condition, but I still look forward to go back and you meet.

    Each of you a promise hidden in my heart, I told that I must be on your very, very good, so every day of your life because I am full of happiness, no sad, no sadness, only joy and peace I plan to so I went back, no longer separated from you, I want to take care of you forever, just because you say I am your angel.

    But ... now I do not know, you no longer want me to know your current situation, your work, physical condition, I began to fear and worry no longer willing to chat on MSN and I, you no longer do not want to return to my information ... I'm really hard, you pushed me from heaven to hell, you make me cranky case can not meet with your ultra-no self-confidence to live a boring every day ...

    You have forgotten your promise to me You make me feel less than your love, I want to give up but they can not do, just want to ask you why I am deeply in love with you give me? You are intentionally ? Or am I doing wrong what??

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  • LC
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    I think you need to read this article before you send this... This letter you are sending will only make him think you are not worth it...

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  • Love
    Lv 5
    8 years ago


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