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Where is bala?france or Switzerland?

I have a connecting train from Paris to Basel, in bala. Where is that? Switzerland or France?

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    Don't know where Wise Owl got that Bala is an alternative name for Basel. I'm Swiss, my father was from Basel, used to visit my grand-mother there when I was a kid, and never heard of Bala.

    What I think you're referring to is Bâle, which is the French word for Basel. But it's not a connection, it's your final destination.

    Here is the exact itinerary (in reverse, from Switzerland to Paris) :Zurich–Bâle–Mulhouse–Belfort–Dijon–Paris Gare-de-Lyon

    UPDATE: Christiane: Go to either www.google.fr (France) or www.google.ch (Switzerland) and type in Bala. I defy you to find even one credible reference linking this word to Basle. There is no city/town/village/hamlet in France or Switzerland named "Bala" much less on the rail line between Paris and Basel. There is a village in Roumania and Turkey called Bala. Un point, c'est tout! Das ist klar!

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    There seems to be a lot of confusion here on the meaning of "bala". Personally I've never heard of it as an alternative name for Basel, but I guess it is a possibility.

    I think you really need to tell us the exact wording on your train ticket, then we might understand. For instance, if the ticket has the words "tren bala" then that means a high speed train and would refer to the TGV train you'll be taking from Paris to Basel.

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    There's no Bala city in France or Switzerland.

    As your train ticket already mentions Basel, it'd make no sense to write it again in another language, most of all if you live in the USA.

    Bala is the Spanish word to say fast train commonly used by the Spanish speaking community of the USA.

    It'd make no sense to make a connection in Bala, supposing that Bala means Basel (Bâle in French) if your final destination is Basel.

    If your train leaves from Paris Gare de Lyon, then you're taking a direct train and you'll arrive in Basel in about 3 hours. If your train leaves from Paris Gare de l'Est, then you'll make a connection in Strasbourg and it obviously takes longer.



    Source(s): French with 1/4 Swiss origins. I often take the train from Paris to Basel on my way to Luzern.
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    The only Bala I know of is a beautiful town just outside of Philadelphia USA. Locally also called Bala Cynwyd. That is the only one I personally know of and it is not very close to Switzerland or France.

    It is my understanding that there are more towns in other countries named Bala,but none in France or Switzerland.

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    Wise Owl is right.

    Different countries spell the name differently and Bala stands for Basel, just like Parigi stands for Paris in Italian. If you scroll down the page given the various versions of the name are given in full.

    The trains from Paris are direct to Basel so the change of train must be in Switzerland.

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    Bala is another spelling of Basel which is in Switzerland.

    Alternative names for Basel, Switzerland include: Bala,Bale,Basel,Basilea,Basileia,Basilej,Basilia,Basiléia,Basle,Bazel,Bazel',Bazelis,Bazelo,Bazilej,Bazylea,Bâla,Bâle,Robur,ba sai er,bajel,bazeru,bazl,Базел,Базель,Բազել,באזל,بازل,バーゼル,巴塞尔,바젤


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