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is bloody show what I may be experiencing ? 38 wks 4 days?

Im 38 wks 4 days and on sunday i had a chunk of clear like snot discharge about the size of a fifty cent piece yesterday there continued to be small peices then this morning when I went to the restroom there were bigger peices in the toilet happend three times then I noticed brown snot like substance all day now hasnt stopped this is second baby I havent had a cervical exam lately or sex and never lost a mucus plug or a bloody show with first daughter so im not really sure what to expect I tried to call the dr and give him a heads up left a v.m a 9 am and never received a call back which is kindve inconveinent seeing as he wants to do a csec id assume hed want to be aware of these things so does it sound like bloody show is what im expeirencing and if so ive read it can mean labors weeks away but how long did it take after you had a bloody show for labor to start ??????

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    9 years ago
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    Yep thats the mucus plug!

    I went into labor just days after I lost mine I would just continue attempting to contact him.

    I would imagine they would have an emergency line or something.

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    I was 40 weeks 2 days when I had the bloody show. Lost my mucous plug the night before that. And the next day after the bloody show, we had our daughter :)

    But thats what it sounds like to me. I would keep trying to reach your doctor, just to keep him informed.

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