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Eli Sirls asked in SportsBaseball · 8 years ago

Thoughts on the future of the St. Louis Cardinals?

I feel excited about this team, and let me go through to show why you should be too

Starting Rotation:




Westbrook (probably coming back next season)

Carpenter Return

Future Starters:

Shelby Miller (Bullpen this season, possibly rotation next season)

Carlos Martinez (2013-2014)

Tyrell Jenkins (2013-2014)


Jason Motte

Young Bullpen Arms:


Trevor Rosenthal

Barret Browning

Edward Mujica (if re-signed)

Eduardo Sanchez

Fernando Salas

There are others, but I'll just stop there


Yadier Molina, the best in the game, is there to stay

First Base:

Berkman might need to be replaced next year. No problem, Allen Craig is the guy.

Second Base:

They don't have a proven guy, but Kolten Wong could make his way up by next season and be the full-time starter at the start of 2014

Third Base:

David Freese is there to stay


After next season, Furcal will need a new contract, but there probably won't be much left in his tank by then. STL has that time to make a deal

Left Field:

Holliday isn't going anywhere

Center Field:

Jon Jay should be their future

Right Field:

Beltran will be gone after 2013 (or maybe 2014, I can't remember). That is about the time that Oscar Tavaras, their best hitting prospect since Albert Pujols, should be coming up to the majors

With all these young pieces and depth, the Cardinals should have no problem filling out their weaknesses, and over the next three years and beyond will be the best team in the NL.

Guys like Matt Adams, Matt Carpenter, or maybe even the other Carpenter. Yes, STL will have the luxury of being able to deal a starter next season. It probably won't be Wainwright or Lynn. It shouldn't be Shelby Miller or Jaime Garcia. And if Westbrook gets re-signed, maybe Carp is the odd man out in this situation.

I want you to chime in about my view of the future. Agree? Disagree? Anything I missed

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is why I love my fellow Cardinal fans. I'd love to see a Reds or Brewers, Yankees, Rangers, or Marlins fan try and go through a complete synopsis of their team like that. This is also what I do when I ask a question about the Cards. I write out an answer 10 times as long as any reply I will get within the question. Us Cards fans know, they don't. That's why we got to remind them to take us seriously. Hey fans of all 29 other MLB teams, don't forget about STL or you will get choked by us in the playoffs.

    I feel like Jay is good, but Taveras might be able to hold down CF. If he can, then you have Adams, Craig, Taveras, and Jay as possibilities for 1B, RF, and CF. That's awesome. I wouldn't trade any of them yet though.

    I'm also very excited about our pitching prospects.

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  • aikins
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    i might have concept they had p.c.. up Dotel, he's honestly a effective addition to any bullpen. As for Furcal nevertheless; he's getting old, his OBP is undesirable for a leadoff hitter and he consistently struggles with injuries. he's a good participant, yet he's in no way fairly as sturdy as marketed. For the fee tag on him, the Cardinals have been good to take a flyer. they choose Pujols, and 12 million greater could help get him. Matt Kemp may well be an attractive pickup if he have been obtainable. pondering he's no longer a unfastened agent, that could desire to make him very stressful to sign for the duration of unfastened organization. And in case you think of the Dodgers might commerce him for something the Cardinals have...think of lower back.

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  • 8 years ago

    Huge Cardinals fan and we have great pitching and offense in our future, we have our best fielding minor leaguer at SS in Ryan Jackson so if anything he may turn out to be a Brendan Ryan, which i hope not, but i make a comparison because he is a great fielder (Ryan) but cannot hit to save his life.

    Also i would rather re-sign Lohse over Westbrook but that is just my opinion, definitely would not be shocked if its Westbrook because he will be much cheaper

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  • 8 years ago

    The Cardinals will do fine, best NL team historically. They Just won a world series last year.. 2nd one in 5 years. Both of wild cards too.

    In other words, relax your teams pretty damn respectable

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  • Knoxie
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Pffft.. Who cares they are in the nl.. No match for any al team

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