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What do entomologists in integrated pest management actually do? Are they just exterminators?

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  • 8 years ago
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    They study the behavior (esp. feeding and reproductive), ecology (esp. life cycle and distribution), and physiology of insects and make recommendations based on their findings regarding the control of insects.

    Bt crops are a good example of how "integrated" IPM is.

    Questions they (I'm not one, so I can't give you a great great answer) ask (and answer):

    Which insects are impacted? Are the target pests getting killed? Are they other insects being harmed? At what life stage cycle are they being impacted?

    Spraying insecticide can still be necessary. How can insect damage be assessed? Under what circumstances is spraying necessary, for economic gain?

    Other questions that may be asked:

    Is Bt effective? How much refuge is necessary? Is refuge effective and doing its job? How does Bt interact with other sources of resistance? How does the environment and factors like weather impact the presence of pests?

    You should contact an entomologist or an agricultural school with an academic advisor if you are interested in studying entomology and IPM.

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