what is the importance of knowing different types of drugs?

like regulated and prohibited drugs.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Drug Types

    Drugs change the way the body and the brain function. Sometimes the results are pleasant as in the case of prescription medications that are used to treat various conditions and diseases. However, sometimes, the results are monstrous and cause great harm to your body and well-being. But one thing remains the same: any addictive substance has the potential of changing your life-for good or for bad.

    That's why it's important when looking at the different types of drugs, not to demonize them nor presume they're always safe, but rather to recognize if you are addicted. For the drug addict, serious consequences can result from the use of almost all illicit drugs and prescription medications.

    Classifications of Drugs

    One thing that's often misunderstood about drug abuse is that it only involves illegal substances, but that's simply not the case. Any drug can be abused, whether it be bought on a street corner or obtained from your doctor.

    So really, there's no dividing line between prescription and so-called recreational drugs because they often include the same or similar ingredients just in different dosages. That's why prescription drugs are so often abused-it is merely the intent of use that divides them from illegally obtained substances, and even then, prescriptions can be abused.

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