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YWWE>BVW>mwwe asked in SportsWrestling · 8 years ago

YWWE Smackdown pick winners and rate matches and show?

GM- Eric Bischoff

World Heavyweight Champion- Undertaker

United States Champion- Christian

Cruiserweight Champion- Justin Gabriel

Diva's Champion- Beth Phoenix

WWE Tag Team Champions- John Morrison & Kaval

Diva's Tag Team Champion- Beth Phoenix

GM Eric Bischoff is in the ring. He welcomes everyone to the show and says last night Undertaker became only the second man in YWWE history to win the World Heavyweight Championship three times. He wants everyone to welcome the Undertaker. Undertaker's bells toll and here he comes. When Taker gets to the ring Bischoff wants to ask him how it feels to be the World Heavyweight Champion again. Before he can answer, Taker is interrupted by Scott Steiner's music. Steiner says Bischoff screwed him and he wants the first shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Bischoff says he was actually going to announce since Muhammed Hassan defeated John Morrison last night, that he would be facing Undertaker at Extreme Rulez in a Hell in a Cell match. Steiner says Hassan will have to wait. He wants taker tonight. Randy Orton's music hit and he comes to the ring. Orton says its all good and well that Hassan gets his title shot. He earned it. But no one ever specified when he would get it. And seeing as he was Taker's tag team partner in the tournament, he deserves the first shot. Edge now comes out. He says if it weren't for Christian, He wouldve defeated Taker and Orton then went on to win at Judgement Day againt Eddie Guerrero. Bischoff says they all make good points. But the match is set. There isn't anything he can do about it. Steiner says there is. And with that Steiner, Orton and Edge beat down Undertaker. Taker fights back but Edge hits him with a spear. They all back off slightly. Taker slowly gets up, and as he does, Orton hits an RKO. After the RKO, Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner. Rey Mysterio's music hits and he runs out with a ref and his MITB Briefcase. He nails, Orton, Edge and Steiner with the breifcase, causing them to flee. With that Rey hands the briefcase over to the ref indicating that he is cashing in against Taker.

1. Undertaker(c) v Rey Mysterio (World Heavyweight Championship; Rey cashes in Money In The Bank)

2. Eric Young v Kaval

Eric Bischoff is in his office when Muhammed Hassan comes in demanding to know when he is getting his title shot. Bischoff says he thought about it and at Extreme Rulez the Smackdown Main Event has been changed. it will now be a fatal fourway between Taker, Rey Mysterio, Scott Steiner and Randy Orton still in a Hell In A Cell. Hassan asks what about him? he earned it. Bischoff says his title shot will be at The Bash. Edge comes in and says he wants Steiner or Orton tonight. Perhaps both. Bischoff says Edge gets his wish. He will go one on one with Scott Steiner next

3. Edge v Scott Steiner

Lita is in the ring with one half of the Diva's Tag Titles. She says people are wondering why Trish Stratus attacked The Bellas with a Diva's Tag Title. She isnt event champion. It's simple really. Before they left Judgement Day, Trish and Lita found Beth and Natty's tag titles unattended. so they took them. They are the better team anyway. Beth Phoenix and Natalya rush the ring causing Lita to flee through the crowd as Beth and Natalya stare at her from the ring angerly.

4. Mr. Kennedy v Christian

Post Match- Kennedy beats Christian to a pulp bloodying him

5. Kurt Angle v John Morrison

Post Match- Bryan Danielson comes out to inform Angle that at Extreme Rulez, they will face off in a falls count anywhere match, The winner getting a WHC title shot at Night of Champions

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  • 8 years ago
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    Opening Segment-Awesome opening segment, I loved it. Rey Rey cashing in was the icing on the cake. 10/10

    Match 1-Rey Rey wins the title in little time. 8/10

    Match 2-Fine cruiserweight/x division match. EY wins. 8/10

    Muhammad segment-Nice way to clear everything up. 9/10

    Match 3-Scotty wins. 8/10

    Lita segment-Very interesting. 9/10

    Match 4-Mr. Anderson wins. 9/10

    Post Match-Brutality ftw. 9/10

    Match 5-John Morrison wins. 9/10

    Post Match-Nice way to close the show, with D Bry. 9/10

    Show Grades:

    Wrestling: 42/50 B

    Entertainment: 46/50 A

    Show: 88/100 B+

    Show Wrap Up:

    Match of the Night: The ME

    Trash of the Night: Nada

    Segment of the Night: The opening segment

    Closing Comments: Solid show from beginning to end. Good job.

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  • Promo 1-10/10

    Match 1-winner Rey Mysterio-8/10

    Match 2-winner Kaval-7/10

    Promo 2-8/10

    Match 3-winner Edge-9/10

    Promo 3-8/10

    Match 4-winner Christian-10/10

    Post Match-9/10

    Match 5-winner Kurt Angle-9/10

    Post Match-9/10


    You should have had where Rey Mysterio goes out to cash in, then Undertaker eithers; A) Fought off Edge/Randy Orton/Scott Steiner, scaring Rey....Or B) Vanished, making Rey have an un-official cash in.

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  • 8 years ago

    Rey Mysterio

    Eric Young



    Kurt Angle

    10/10,Amazing Show!

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  • 8 years ago

    1. Undertaker 7/10

    2. Eric Young 8/10

    3. Edge 7/10

    4. Mr. Kennedy 8/10

    5. Kurt Angle 9/10

    Show: 8/10

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  • 4 years ago

    Promo a million(10/10) journey a million-winner Tyson Kidd(9/10) submit journey(10/10) journey 2-winner Kaval(9/10) journey 3-winner King Booker(8/10) submit journey(10/10) journey 4-winner Jack Swagger(10/10) journey 5-winner Batista(10/10) submit journey(10/10)

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