US Army Drill Sergeant Campaign Hat question!?

Why are some of the US DS hats brown in color and others are more green? Also, some headbands going around the base of the hat are brown ribbon and others are green ribbon. Is there any difference in them or are they just randomly different colored? I know that 11B (Infantry) DS' have a blue disc behind the Army emblem in front of their hat so I was just wondering if maybe brown hats are Combat Arms MOS' or something like that.


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  • 7 years ago
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    When the US Army Drill Sergeant Campaign Hat is brand new it is a greenish color. After months and months of being out in the sun and exposed to the elements it turns to a brownish color. Typically speaking, the more brown the hat, the more experienced the DS. Don't always assume that though, because he could also just have a new hat and still have been on the trail for quite some time.

  • gains
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    3 years ago

    Army Campaign Hat

  • DrRo93
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    7 years ago

    Army nd Marines are green and dark brown

    Air Force and Navy are Blue

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The Army's are brown and The Marine's are dark green

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