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Will the energy produced by the windmill be enough to power my hospital?

The model of the windmill is

The monthly electricity bill is 428$

I'm planning to buy a windmill for my hospital at economic rates. If more models discovered please suggest the web-site.

Thanks for your time,

Rutvik Bade

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    an important addition to Edwards answer.

    You have to get them to answer "In how many MPH -- ( or m/s, depending where you live) does it put out 1400W?

    There seems to be a standard in the windmill industry that they can advertise their output based at 30 MPH.

    Well you say it almost never blows 30 MPH here, but it blows 10.....

    While 10 is 1/3rd of 30, power drops off as the square, or in simple terms 10 MPH is 1/9th the power of 30, or 11%

    so now you are looking at 1400 * 11% = 154 W

    times 24 hours ( and it doesn't blow 10 MPH 24 hours a day ) would be 3,960 W a day. times 31 days would be 114,576 watt hours or 114 kWh.

    At 25 cents a kWh you are making under $ 30.00 a month. For a wind generator that costs $7,000

    plus batteries, inverter, controller, installation?

    Save your money.


    1) ask for the "power curve" from any windmill maker. That is the graph that shows that at x mph you get y Watts.

    2) In the US, the Department of Energy....or maybe your State DOE or Agriculture.........will have a map showing what the average wind is at your location.

    With those two numbers you can get a guess as to how much electricity is being made and go from there.

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  • 8 years ago

    How much your energy bill is does not tell me how many kWh (kilowatt hours) you are useing a month. I will estimate 2000kWh.

    The home turbine from that website is only good for 1.4kW max in perfect conditions.

    24 hours x 1.4kW x 31 days = 1042kWh per month in perfect conditions. Realistically you will get about 25% of the rating over a month. So 250+kWh.

    You will need at least 8 of those units. Plus batteries.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The constant noise will disturb your patients.

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