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What's the best camera for taking pictures for like tumblr, blogs, and internet marketing?

I like the colored Pentax K-r 12.4MP DSLR Camera's, but i don't know if they're good or not? I've heard Canons are the best though, I'm looking to spend no more than $700 maybe $800. I like a lot of COLOR, so i like cameras that catch every color, clearly!

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    "tumblr, blogs, and internet marketing" call for only very simple cameras, however you will need some knowledge to make the most of it.

    I assume internet marketing means product photography for selling goods on sites such as ebay, right?

    For much less than your budget you could get a very nice bridge camera, which would you do perfectly for your needs.

    Just make sure to study your user guide (manual) very thoroughly, plus pick up some books or tutorials about general photography - that will get you started.

    Here are some tips about the product photography:

    To take good product photos, you don't need a special camera, you just need to pay attention to your details.

    Here is how to do it the cheap way:

    - Build yourself a light tent, it can be as basic as a card board box

    - Use desk lamps with bright full spectrum (a.k.a. daylight) bulbs

    - Use white background paper and change it often to keep it spotless

    - put your camera on a tripod

    - set up custom white balance (read your manual on how to do that) for perfect colour

    - if your product is tiny, be sure to use the (super) macro setting on your camera

    - overexpose the photo to keep the whites white, instead of grey (because due all the bright light, your camera will want to under expose the shot). Either go fully manual, or use exposure compensation (read the manual if you don't know how to do this).

    - In Photoshop (or other editing program), put on the finishing touches - but you shouldn't need too much since you are starting out with a very good photo.

  • David
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    You don't need that much a fancy camera for Tumblr :P (a little good editing can help ",)

    If you want to buy something soon and for a good price go here:

    Its a great site (ive used it many times) and they currently have a deal on DSLR cameras until midnight (check the flash tab) They have the Cannon T3i (18 MP and full HD video) for only $600 with free shipping ",

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    Please forget all the high mega-pixel talk unless you want people to spend 5 minutes uploading a picture that is 4 times bigger than the computer screen. For the internet you need to drastically reduce your settings to make pictures fit on the screen. A full screen is usually less than one megapixel, so buy any camera you like. Canon is my favorite.

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    Source(s): Develop Your Photography Skills
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    In my opinion the Nikon L120 is awesome but they have better ones for under then 700$

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