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Why do cons make it look like voter fraud is a big issue in elections? 700,000 Pennsylvanians won't be able to?

700,000 legal citizens just in one state won't be able to vote.

Are Republicans going to sacrifice democracy to fight an "enemy" that doesn't exist ?


@pdooma: source is included.

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    Lol, the saddest part is that the lawyers defending the Pa voter ID law admitted that they knew of NO cases of voter fraud in Pa or anywhere else. Kind of blows the whole repub argument right out of the water.

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    To some of you on here, perhaps the number will not be that big, however there will people who will not be able to vote. My Mother is 82 years old, she stopped driving about 7 years ago, which means her license expired. So, she has to get a State ID, which means she has to have a copy of her BC, SS card and other documents. She has no idea where her BC is or her SS card, I am now in the process of helping her with this. My Mom is lucky that she has me to do this for her AND that she can afford to pay for the documents she has to get. As for how has she gotten along so far without an ID? Well her SS and pension checks are deposited into her account, she has a card from the Credit Union which is all she needs to show when she goes there, she does not travel anymore so no need for a plane. My guess is that many of the people that will be affected by this are going to be elderly people that have always voted but may in the same situation as my Mom.

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    Are there really that many people who can't cash as check, open a bank account, board an airplane, enter a federal building? And saying the lack of prosecution is proof of no frauds makes as much sense that lack of prosecution means very few people cheat on their taxes or exceed the speed limit.

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    where in the world are you getting your numbers?

    I looked it up beyond your source. I always figure HuffPost is biased and like to see what the rest of the story is.

    "Jonathan Marks, who heads the state Elections Bureau, said Secretary of State Carol Aichele sent letters explaining the new voting requirements to 759,000 registered voters whose names did not show up on a PennDOT database.

    Marks said the comparison of the registered voters’ list against the PennDOT database was designed mainly to “backfill” the voter data with driver’s license and Social Security information — not to identify voters who lacked valid IDs.

    Under questioning by David Gersch, a Washington lawyer who is part of the plaintiffs’ legal team, state officials defended their decision not to mail the letters to more than 700,000 others who provided PennDOT numbers when they registered to vote or whose PennDOT IDs expired too long ago to be used to vote on Nov. 6.

    David Burgess, a deputy secretary of state, said those voters will receive a letter about the voter ID requirement that the State Department plans to send out later this year to the 5.9 million households that contain at least one voter.

    Those voters already have a PennDOT number, Burgess said. “As long as you’re in the system, you can get an ID.”"

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    Jimmy Carter said photo IDs were needed to prevent voter fraud. look it up

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    How do you function in society without a government ID? I guess as a bum?? I don't believe this number for a second, 700K want to vote but can't afford an ID? Riiiight.

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    They'll find out it cut more Republican voters than Democrat, and suddenly they'll be all against it.

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    and I bet that not one of those supposed 700,000 actually has a name

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    Hey - it worked in Florida.

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