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how do john and jane does happen?

if someone i knew went missing, I would be right on top the case until they were found. if there was an unidentified body found, i would be right on top of it to see if the body matched the description.

I don't get it, don't the person loved ones care? how would a body go unidentified?

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    I sort of see your point, I know if it was MY child I would hunt to the ends of the earth, but often the person leaves because of family and their they do NOT know they are actually missing, I also find that many families are so disconnected here in the USA it is almost sad......I talk to my adult son a good few times a week, he calls me, I call him, I speak to my daughter at least once a day either in person or via text............BUT many people I know can go weeks or months without any sort of contact with their family.......also many bodies can be dumped a LONG way away from the home town / state and are so badly decomposed that no one has a clue.............the USA is a huge place to be looking for some one to be honest.........

    You also MUST understand that at some point you have to go back to work, carry on your normal day to day routine [even more so if you have other children living at home] they are NOT gone and need you just as much as you need to hunt for the child missing............

    What I am trying to say is that it is NOT always as black and white as you might think it is.

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    not everybody keeps in contact with their loved ones

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