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where to buy a back to school tote bag?

i go back on august 6th (next monday). i have a backpack already and really wanted a tote bag!! i want something that is very colorful, spacious, and cheap!! preferably on the internet or somewhere in san bernardino :D

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    Victoria's Secret PINK has really cute totes, mini duffels, and book bags:

    Vera Bradley has tons of different styles and patterns to choose from since they specialize in bags:

    Aeropostale has some cute bags to choose from, too:

    These are just a few of the stores I think have some very good, not too crazy expensive bags! Vera Bradley is probably going to be more expensive then PINK in general, and Aero will probably have the least expensive options.

    Hope this helps! Also, here are the links to the bags I would most recommend in no particular order:

    1) I recommend this because the zip will keep anything from spilling out and gives more privacy, plus it's cute:

    2) this one is also zippable and since it's a mini duffel it's smaller and easy to carry but also really cute and a cool shape:

    3) this is a classic Vera Bradley tote that is perfect for carrying around books, clothes, whatever you need. I've heard great reviews on this bag, and it comes in tons of different patterns so you're sure to find one you like:

    4) this is more of a back pack than tote, but I've seen it in stores and it's smaller, about the same size as a basic tote but still roomy enough to fit essentials. Also, I love all the patterns for this bag and think they are so cute:

    Okay, I hope that you have fun shopping for a new tote and check out the stores I recommended, and even if you don't like the specific bags I suggested you should still check out the links to the stores and see what else they have you might like! Also, anything I posted is good quality, its not going to break after a week or anything like that.

    Okay, hope this helps!


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    Vera Bradley would be great! They have good sized totes that are very cute. If you want something more inexpensive, I would check out Victoria's Secret PINK, Abercrombie, Forever21, Hollister or Target!

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    Try Vera Bradley, Journey's has some cute ones as well. Even try Hot Topic!

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