Is this a good skateboarding setup?

Deck: Alien Workshop Dyrdek Primary

Trucks: Darkstar

Wheels: CCS blanks 50mm

Bearings: Reflex ABEC 3 lubed with Element bearing oil

I'm a beginning skater and this is my set up, is it pretty good?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Honestly it does not matter. I skateboarded for about ten years. The only things I would sometimes change up was my wheels. When you skate indoors you slide alot on the floors so I would use softer wheels. As far as the deck goes, I never really worried about brand, but the width size. I liked the skinnier boards, mostly because they where lighter and I never had the leg muscle to get the wider boards in the air. Also make sure your board width size is the same as the trucks, it just keeps everything nice and balanced. You will find it is all preference. Each persons setup is going to be unique. I remember sometimes we would switch boards with another person just to challenge ourselves, or mostly to just be goofy.

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