Metal/Scream Singing: Where to start?

I've spent too much of my life working in the low paying and stressfull world of no chances and greed. I want to finally do what I've dreamed of since I was a kid and that's becoming the singer in a band. My problem is that I don't quite understand where to start or what I should do, what equipment should I have. My singing isn't great, but I can sing on a very amateurish level. That's my big question here, where should I start training? I want to be a screamo/metal singer much like bands like Asking Alexandria and/or Slipknot. Those of you that learned to sing, how did you do it...? This is something I'm serious about and passionate. I just need a little guidance...

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    You should also drink lemon juice and water. When you sing you put pressure on your throat, and because of the strain it will produce spit and moisture in the throat. You don't want that because it chops your voice up, so drink lemon juice because it coats your throat so it can't build up moisture. Remember that lemon juice is an acidic, and you shouldn't let it touch your teeth to often because it can damage the enamel. Just squirt it in the back of your throat and swallow.


    Ok, here’s a vocal scale exercise that will get you off to a flying start!

    Firstly you need to find a song that you know and enjoy singing. Go get it now.

    Got it?


    Now, you need to sing this song, except instead of singing the words, replace them with the word “mom”.

    That’s right! I know it sounds a little silly singing, “mom mom mom”, but practicing this will eventually allow you to hit every note perfectly.

    Here’s an experiment you can try.

    Sing your song through once, and write down the difficulty that you felt when you sung it. Pay special attention to the hard bits. Maybe even give the song a difficulty rating out of ten.

    Now, sing the song through three times using just the word “mom”.

    Feel how tension begins to drop off, being replaced with a more relaxed sensation.

    After this, sing the song again normally. Note the difficulty rating.

    Not bad hey?

    Much easier!

    You can do this vocal scale exercise with any word with a “closed vowel” sound. Once you have mastered the “closed” words, you can try doing the exercise with more “open” sounding words.

    Here’s some words to get you started.

    Mom, Nay, No, Go, Gug.

    All these words have a very closed sound. Experiment and find out which is easiest for you. Once you have your favorite, take a few songs and replace the words with your chosen word.

    Learning to sing really well is about repeating “successful singing”. Using these words will put your voice in a “success” state. Use this technique and you are building your voice on a correct foundation. Muscle memory will develop and you will find that singing will become much easier.



    Here is my daily vocal routine. Remember that the exercises given are very general and do not apply to everyone. If you feel any pain or discomfort please stop performing the exercise and move on to the next one or risk permanent damage to your vocal chords. Here we go!


    ..::Make an “a,” sound on a ascending and descending scale::..

    . .::Make an “e,” sound on a ascending and descending scale::..


    Falsetto exercise:

    ..::½ Make three “oohw,” sounds on the same scale ascending::..

    ..::½ On that same scale descend three “oohw,” sounds::..


    Falsetto to full voice:

    ..::Make the same “oohw,” sound and join it up with an, “Ah.” :..

    ..::The above exercise will be descending from “oohw,” -- “ah.”::..


    ..::Make an, “a” vowel sound on a perfect fit descending octaves::..



    Chest Voice:

    ..::Make three vowel sounds on the same octave: “E,” “A,” and “O,”::..


    ..::On the “a.” we started with in the warm-up section, ascend and descend a scale::..

    Part: 2

    Perform the:

    Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, Fa, Mi, Re, Do exercise three times.

    Part: 3, Increasing Vocal Range:

    To Increase Your Vocal Range You Need To Do The Following Exercise On Scales:

    1.Humming On Scales

    2.Bah Bah Bah On Scales

    3.Me Me Me On Scales

    4.Loh Loh Loh On Scales


    (Do not worry if you cannot complete the scale. Many greater performers don’t struggle with completing the scale and still sing great! Just go as far as you can and progress slowly.)

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    My brother became the screamer/singer in our band, he became very good very fast, I think what he did was mainly study people he wanted to be come similar too, read information about them and what they did to start, and he googled a lot of information. If I were you I would do a lot of research on who you want to become and learn about how they started and everything they did that transformed them to the way they are today. Hope this helps :)

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