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last questions about horse feed?

ok it's my last i swear i just want to know it all and i seem to have more question every time i solve a previous question. anyways i have an 11year old Arab cross, 14.2hh, nice teeth, no health issues, is on pasture board with grass, hay feed to her and oats and corn twice a day. she the more dominate one in the paddock with my friends horse, they'll soon be more horses with them. they all get a bucket to eat out of but you know when ones done it goes to the other horses horse, so i don't want a condensed feed because i want her to stay eating her own and not the oats and corn, i need it to be good too; picky horse approved. i may be adding joint supplements in the future also. she is a pretty easy keeper and doesn't lose weight too easily. she is VERY hot blooded and is high sprung as it is so sweet feeds are out of the question. at our previous barn she was eating horsemans edge pellets but i want a nice feed that alot of people recommend.

i've been looking at the purina equine senior, if i did get this i don't know how much to give her twice a day, she's about 1000lbs i'd say

if not this what else? and how much of it should she intake a day?

we do light to moderate work at the moment, we use to jump and i want to get back into it with her. we have been doing alot of trail riding with walk, trot, canter and galloping. i got about 3-4 times a week;sometimes more just depends if i have time. i stay usually 2hrs-5hr. 5hr would be a walking trail ride. and during the winter i dont go there as much and i believe she would be getting a round bale too (i've only been at this new barn for a month) anyways if anyone could help i'd greatly appreciate it :)

Update 2:

i'm not sure how much she weighs

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    My vet is an equine nutritionist and highly recommends Purina feeds. She recommends their equine senior feed for adult horses of all ages. I also recommend Purina Equine Senior feed, or you may want to try Purina's new Active Senior Healthy Edge feed based on your description. Here is information on the Active Senior feed..................

    Note that it is low in soluble starches which is a must in any good feed, and it provides more energy dense calories from fat than the regular senior feed does, which takes the place of sugars obtained for energy from high starch diets to support the energy demands of mature adult performance horses. Either feed can be fed along with hay or pasture (or both) to provide a well balanced, well digested and optimally metabolized and utilized diet.

    I've had very good experience with feeding Purina Equine Senior feed to various adult horses for years, and this new Active Senior feed is one I would be trying if I were still out there competing with mature adult horses. i know numerous people who feed Purina Senior to their hard keeper thoroughbreds with good results as well. If your horse is an easy keeper, you may not need to feed as much, or may only need to feed quality hay and no concentrated feed. Some easy keepers who tend toward obesity may have equine metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance, and that may need to be investigated. At the age of 11, the likelihood of developing these conditions increases.

    I had a 15.3 hh Polish Arab gelding and he weighed 1000 lbs in good muscle and bloom. So I question whether a 14.2 hh Arab cross would weigh quite as much. My guy was a hard keeper, and he was well maintained being fed 5 lbs of Equine Senior pellets daily along with his pasture and quality grass mix hay which were both available 24/7.

    He was kept in light to moderate work.

    Source(s): Registered Nurse and 59 years with horses
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    I agree on a low starch feed. What you want to look for in the ingredients is if there is molasses, corn, or alfalfa meal. Now I know Arabs can be hot but feeding oats and corn both make a horse hot. I never buy feeds with those in it because my TB is hot enough. I recommend cutting the corn and oats. Also you can look into beat pulp without molasses. It's great to keep weight on a horse, a good coat, and won't make them hot.

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