Is this enough to get into the University of Michigan?


I am currently a sophomore(Junior during upcoming school year) attending high school in northern Florida. For my entire life I have dreamed about going to the UofM however my grades have no doubt dipped off a bit lately.

Now this isn't because I'm not smart enough or that I don't try its just that I take really, I mean really advanced classes.

I currently have a 3.4 with two years left of high school. During my past year I had 1 AP Class along with 5 honors. I also play Soccer, Hockey and football for my school.

I'd usually end up with 3 A's and 3 B's and 1 C.

For the upcoming year, I am taking 3 AP classes along with 3 Honors classes. I'm also in extremely advanced math classes that I know helps.

I also run an online blog and work on the weekends.

So my question to you is, If I bring my grades up and get good scores on my ACT and SAT do I still have a shot.

Thanks in advance.

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    8 years ago
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    It's extremely difficult to chance someone who has not completed their junior year and is yet to take the ACT or SAT. That being said, you need to get better grades. The median GPA for the college of LS&A (where you will probably end up applying) is a 3.9. To add on to this, expectations for out-of-state students are higher than in-state students (albeit, not by much at Michigan), so the median GPA of OOS admits will end up being slightly above a 3.9.

    The course rigor is great and will help your case significantly, but the expectations at Michigan are that you take, and succeed (get A's) in these demanding classes.

    Do excellent your Junior year, then ask us about your chances then.

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