Q&A for minivan owners...?

I'm working on something and need to get some feedback from minivan owners:

-What do you drive?

-What did you own before your current vehicle?

-Why did you get a minivan?

-What do you like best?

-What do you like least?

-What would you say to families interested in getting a minivan?

-What would you say to combat the stigma attached to owning a minivan?

Thanks in advance for your answers, I appreciate it!

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    - What do you drive?

    A 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. Soon to be traded in on a 2012 DGC.

    - What did you own before your current vehicle?

    A 2007 DGC.

    - Why did you get a minivan?

    Work truck. Company is leasing it.

    - What do you like best?

    Much more comfortable ride than an E-150 cargo van, surprisingly easy to drive for such a big car.

    Lots of cargo room (it has Stow 'n Go seats, which create a totally flat low load floor)

    Reasonably fuel-efficient, on par with a small or midsize SUV.

    - What do you like least?

    It's got a base model engine and I carry around a lot of stuff. That's why it's being traded for a 2012 - better engine / transmission combo.

    It's got a lot of glass, which even with tinting and sunshields means the car stays hot in the summer.

    - What would you say to families interested in getting a minivan?

    Don't go crazy on the options list. Unless you're going to be using the car for road trips, you really don't need the four televisions and triple-panel-moonroof. A power liftgate comes in real handy though. Minivan prices run about the same as a full-size sedan or even an entry-level luxury car, and the options packages can really add up.

    If you are getting a vehicle with removable chairs, and you intend to use them, make sure you try them first. See how much effort it takes to get them in and out.

    If you can rent a model of the ones you're considering for a weekend, then do it. Think of it as the test drive you should be able to take. I was surprised at how odd the power steering is on my current Dodge - it has hardly any power assist below 20 MPH, requiring lots of steering effort to do anything, but when you get the car up to highway speed, you can make lane changes with very little effort.

    - What would you say to combat the stigma attached to owning a minivan?

    Seriously, people still worry about that? I can make just as many judgemental comments about people who drive luxury cars, or battery-laden hybrids, or gas-guzzling quad-cab pickup trucks (usually only with one person in them). Driving a minivan is never going to be cool per se - and no, I wouldn't advise a single childless man or woman to pick one - but for families, they remain Station Wagon 2.0, and they are a lot nicer than your father's Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser.

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    What do you drive? -- Wife has a 2011 Toyota Sienna

    -What did you own before your current vehicle? -- 2004 Sienna, before that was a 2003 Honda CR-V

    -Why did you get a minivan? -- Three children, ease of use, storage space

    -What do you like best? -- My wife is 5' tall, and can almost stand up in the van when she needs to maneuver around the inside. My kiddo can get to the 3rd-row seat VERY easily.

    -What do you like least? -- A TON of electrical items to break... automatic doors, switches galore, kiddie TV's, etc.

    -What would you say to families interested in getting a minivan? -- Definitely spend some time with one... then spend some time with a comparable SUV. You will see the ease-of-use, the storage space, and the GAS MILEAGE advantages that the minivan has.

    -What would you say to combat the stigma attached to owning a minivan? -- I could care less what others think of what I drive.

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    probable by using fact the place there are minivans, there are infants. And mom's are questioning of four hundred different issues they could desire to do extra importantly than utilising. yet, i've got heard this with all styles of vehicle, you could only replace minivans with__________. i.e. BMW, Corvettes, SUV's, decreased imports with "growth", ...you get the photograph.

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