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brasov film festival?

How was the Brasov Film Festival? I saw all sorts of adverts saying it was going to be the biggest thing in the world of Film, that stars would come, that they were bringing 350m dollars to the industry, that they were bringing 1.500.000.000 dollars to Romania to create 150,000 jobs. Brasov is my home and I miss it. I would love to know how it went?

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    Here's what happened. Failed producer Bruno Pushuitto (or Ham to those who know him) tricked a lot of people into parting wiht a lot of money. Then, he assembled a groupd of actors, students, sponsors, fund raisers etc and fooled them all into working hard to make him famous in return for 'valuable shares' in a movie which he announced he had cancelled on the last day.

    The Americans that can be found on youtube raving about how excited they were, left Brasov immediately once they saw the empty theatre night after night. Directors submitted films which were either not shown, or judged only by Bruno. Then, they mysteriously went missing while Daria had them in her bag but blammed others for stealing them.

    The 2 young judges who were the only ones not sacked by Bruno, both voted unanimously that the Italian submission by a Director who attended the BFF (Bruno's Film Fiasco) were overuled by Bruno.

    The awards that were given out were created on a budget of 4 lei (less than one euro).

    Bruno repeatedly touched the breasts and legs of the actresses telling them it was to make them 'set-ready'.

    Ultimately, the people of Romania were not fooled by his ridiculous claims and totally avoided the festival. In 11 days, there was less than 40, yes forty visitors. No one believed his total lies that:-

    Robert Redford,Sharon Stone and so on would come to brasov

    That he would make the film 'confessions'

    That he would make 'the most important film about Brasov ever'

    That arogant Daria-nobody would bring 350,000,000 dollars to film, 1,500,000,000 dollars to the unemployed, or 150,000 jobs to Romania.

    Most people believe he is on mind altering substances. Either that, or sleeping with a girl 40 years his junior, plus some actresses, has affected his brain.

    Bruno is a master-trickster and a total cock. Stiff, arogant, single minded on self benefit and without a brain

    Source(s): Ladies restrooms, facebook, sponsor board meetings.
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    I thought the answer below was quite harsh, so I did my research. I found this news interview video made recently by the Director of BFF in Brasov.

    Youtube thumbnail


    Now, i think the reponse was not nearly frank enough.

    In the video he claims his partner Daria is:

    A / bringing 350 million euros to the Romanian film industry - how? When?

    B/ bringing 1.5 billion euros to Romania to provide work for 150,000 women and youth - how, when?

    C/ the most famous Romanian outside Romania and should be given a Nobel prize. - ridiculous. WTF?

    The pair of them simply drink heavily all day long from what everyone says.

    Maybe I am wrong, but this is this not impossible for an individual to achieve. These figures are the kind that global bodies such as the EU aim for over 10 years.

    Time will tell, but this looks like the words of someone seriously deluded. Probably means well but definitely not someone I would trust. In Boston, we would call such a person a true blue bull*******. But i may be being unfair. If i am, i apologize.

    Source(s): You tube
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    Ha, what a farce. I don't meat to rain on anyone's parade if they deserve support but this looked to me, and all 10 (yes, there were only 10 from a possible 1000) public guests at any of the evening film screenings like the work of a school leaver.

    What angers me though is that in fact, this whole scheme appears to have been nothing more than a massive ego trip for the Director, Bruno Prosciutto. They advertised world class film workshops for students, which were apparently little more than pep talk sessions about how great the director was in his youth. But as you say, nothing exists on the net to support this claim.

    They promised dozens of teenaged starstruck hopefuls a part in a multimillion dollar film due to be shot in Brasov. Because of this, students took all sorts of a abuse including, according to some students, inappropriate attention, as well as threats, simply to stand a chance of acceptance. Not quite casting couch but you get the idea.

    Now the promised multi million dollar film film is confirmed cancelled, on the last day of the course.

    This week, after the students of the course trawled the streets handing out free tickets to the public, convincing them to go, 3 of the 4 film evenings failed to take place despite the public being headed into the theater. No explanation was given but the director was seen elsewhere in Brasov while his loyal students and supportive public (all 10) sat for hours before working out for themselves, the screenings would not happen.

    The director had a falling out with the Mayor of Brasov too by all accounts and he brags that he was badly let down, saying this explains why 95% of what this festival promised to be, but simply did not take place,

    The director also banned students and sponsors from any contact between themselves, the public, their families for the whole of July, being loyal only to him. Basically, he seemed to run his festival by instilling fear

    The director had an international panel of volunteer, self funded judges on his team to assess the unheard of films for a self-styled Bruno BFF award, and subsequently fired them all because they had a bbq together in the gorgeous summer weather one afternoon, weakening, as he saw it, his iron hold of each of them as they made friends.

    The end result is that after a year of big talk and self promotion and a month in brasov in which there are the highest ever recorded number of tourists in town, that almost no public saw the films, the students never saw brasov, there of course were zero international stars and home made attendance certificates were handed out at the end.

    Honestly, Brasov welcomes such a film festival, but this seems to be the actions only of an egocentric 70yo man, hell bent on fame without the goods, dragging 20 helpless students, judges and sponsors around in the process. The result. Brasov has spoken. No one attended the shabbily put together shows. Most things planned, never happened.

    Should be renamed Brasov Film ******!

    Source(s): My girlfriend was a sponsor and pulled out in disgust.
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    BFF = Bruno's ******* Fake

    BRIFF = Bruno Really is ******* Fake

    The guy is just a crook. He took sponsorship from stupid investors for a film. On the last hour of the last day, he told the last of them (others discovered earlier he was a crook & left), that they were no longer needed, that they had no talent or valued contribution and the movie which they had put many many thousands of euros into had now in fact been scrapped, so their investment was void.

    Just listen to the idiot on you tube saying that schoolgirl-like Daria was "next in line for a nobel prize" and that she was going to bring 1,500,000,000 dollars to the Romanian unemployed and 150,000 jobs.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Ask yourself, does this look like a woman capable of bringing more money than the government could, and winning a Nobel prize?

    Youtube thumbnail

    or of someone you ask, at their place of work, 'big mac, large fries, Pepsi please to go'?

    How do such power brokers find it not possible to pay 5 lei to a single of their staff or helpers during the entire time here. Every single actor, actress, judge, sponsor left with nothing apart from a cheaply produced. MS Word format 'certificate' available from the standard template. Not a single promise was upheld. Not a single scheduled event took place and the 'certificates of attendance' to the school were printed on economy photocopy paper. Print this page out and pin it on the wall, to understand the value of that 'certificate..

    Various movies were screened from around the world (when they did not go missing or the projection equipment fail to work', with the promise that they would be judged by an international panel of experts. The experts came in, discovered from ree online sources, were fooled into funding themselves to come to 'the biggest film festival in the world'. Once here, he fired them all for the smallest of crimes such as having tea together. Then, he judged the films himself and even his own stupidly obedient assistants, who had worked without money for months, resigned in protest.

    Be under no illusion. This man is a con-artist, a trickster who plays on peoples vanity with the promise of fame. He took large amounts of sponsorship, gave shares in certain movies in return, then cancelled the movies, laughing at the donors. Karma has a very long arm, wherever you hide when you do this.

    Bruno is a fool, accused of being a pervert (there is a current lawsuit by a 15yo starlet who claims he made inappropriate proposals to him and time will tell how that court process goes - I know where my money is), a deluded, nasty, agressive, dictating bigot.

    Brasov Film Festival = Bruno's private ego journey and the destruction of naive followers dreams. End of.

    I predict there will be no more BFF. Only Bruno fooling someone else. This kind of abuse is very common in for example, the modelling profession as directors use their casting couch, fear, aggression and promises of stardom to make up for small penises.

    Still, at least we all know the man is a fake. There will be no 'best ever, most important film about brasov' of course. Brasov says, gtfo and try another town for fools.

    Source(s): Everyone in Brasov knows these rumours. Its all everyone laughs at, that has been to the festival, from the cleaners, to the sponsors. He made is daily criticisms and abuse only in public. Such a man would hide behind the bed if someone reacted to him.
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    Rahat pe bat! Unde s-a tinut, de nu stie nimeni? Locuiesc in centru vechi ,sunt la curent cu orice eveniment cultural, dar n-am auzit de acest "festival"

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    appropriate i do no longer understand yet so a concepts on the purple carpet, I actual have considered Brad and Angelina, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Robert De Niro, Clive Owen, and a few others XD

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