What are the chances that the other person deleted our conversation?

What are the chances they deleted our conversation history?

So, my friend (yes, my actual friend) used our joint kik account to trade nudes with several guys his same age (17 yr old). So he got a frightening message (from someone he never talked to, probably some person speaking on behalf of someone he traded pics with). Saying that he shouldn't do that. We believe it was a way to scare him enough to stop. And he has stopped. But when you send photos over kik, theirs an option to save those photos. After their saved, it goes to your album, so you can freely delete the conversation, while keeping those photos. What are the chances, that the people he chatted with, deleted that conversation? It's ok that they keep the photos. All we care about, is that they deleted the conversation. Do you think that all of the, deleted that convo? After they stopped talking, he blocked them. So they wouldn't have chatted for more than 20-30 minutes. Please, please, only serious answers. If they delete the convo, theirs no chance that they can get the stuff said or the pics back. Because kik doesn't keep it on it's servers or anything. So once they delete that convo, theirs no way anyone can get it (kik says that itself on their website).

SO WHAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT THEY DELETED THAT CONVO after they realized they got blocked?????

No, the convos are not saved. It specifically says on the kik website. Once they get deleted, they're gone forever. Kik says they don't want the servers to run any slower. So they just delete them.


But the thing I'm worried about, is if they did delete the convo, how did the other guy know about our kik name? My friend did say he went on omegle, and randomly gave out our kik account username, so do you think that someone added him, pretending to speak on behalf of another person, just to get him to stop doing that? Kinda like a scare tactic for him to learn (but not tell the police, kinda like to teach him a lesson before it got serious) ? He only gave out the kik username to people 16-22 he said. He's 17 himself, we're both 17.

Update 2:

Please serious answers, this is terrifying for the both of us.

Update 3:

I don't think you can actually save it. But I saw the convos (cause we shared the account) and it just said stuff like "got the pic" then the person would say "yeah" then they'd trade and say stuff like, your turn or whatever. Kinda weird when I saw those convos. But I'm terrified because it's hooked up at my house too :(

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    It is hard to say. There are people that would keep certain convos to reread and enjoy again and then there are others that delete them. Some people even have it set to save and may not even realize it.

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